Unboxing the Casio G-SHOCK Classic Camouflage

Unboxing the Casio G-SHOCK Classic Camouflage

Take a closer look at the new and improved Casio G-SHOCK 1983 Classic Camouflage DW-5000-C in our latest unboxing video!

Reimagined from the very first DW-5000C, launched in 1983, this range of new models fuse the classic “square-face” design of the original 1983 collection with innovative technology to create a phenomenal present-day interpretation of the Casio Classic. What was once a one-piece bezel has now been re-developed into a moulded bezel, using two layers of different colours to result in an even more shock-resistant watch.

Protecting against impact and vibration, this tried and tested timepiece is built with a G-SHOCK Hollow Core Guard structure. This patented structure protects the inner case of the watch by fusing the bezel and case back with stainless steel pipes for ultimate reinforcement.

Customisable, the G-SHOCK Classic Camouflage comes with 2 straps; a traditional double stitched NATO strap; and a sand coloured strap made of urethane, a soft and malleable material that provides exceptional comfort.