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WatchShop proudly presents a new collection of in-house brands designed specifically for our loyal, watch-loving customers! High-end specifications, robust materials and superb attention to detail is our promise to you, ensuring each piece has exceptional design with unbeatable prices.

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Built by a team with over 40 years of dive watch design knowledge, we created a range with an unbeatable mix of ruggedness, style and specification at an unbeatable value.

Depth Charge Top Picks

Two-Tone Automatic Watch

Black Automatic

Green Automatic

Limited Edition Automatic Watch

Designed in London by our team with more than 35 years experience, sartorial elegance are at the heart of the Locksley London watch and accessories range.

Locksley London Top Picks

Exposed Movement Automatic Watch

Quartz Index


Quartz Chronograph Watch

Slipstream watches are inspired by the world of speed and velocity whether that be in the sky for Aero or on a race track with GT.

Slipstream Top Picks

Aero Quartz Chronograph Watch

GT Quartz Chronograph Watch

Aero Chronograph Watch

GT Chronograph

Discover the Brands

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