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*Competition winner - January 2019*

Ladies Watch

Reviewed on Mon 21st January 2019
Reviewed by SusieQ

I have just received this beautiful gorgeous watch it is everything I hoped it would be. Ordered Wednesday late and delivered by my postman first thing early on Friday morning. Such top service. Thank you WATCHSHOP

Excellent   star star star star star

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*Competition winner - May 2018*

Mens DS Podium Automatic Watch

Reviewed on Wed 30th May 2018
Reviewed by Ivan

On this Certina watch I like the most combination of silver dial with black band.
Also the watch has perfect symmetry because the date indicator is located on 6 o'clock.
I recommend this DS Podium watch to everyone that has small hands like me because watch case isn't too big.
DS Podium is suitable for both formal and casual situations.

Build quality of DS Podium watch is truly top notch. The watch looks much better in real then in a photo.

The band is made of leather and is very comfortable.
DS Podium watch has movement ETA 2824-2 with 25 jewels.
ETA 2824-2 movement is very reliable and is usually found in more expensive watches.

Excellent   star star star star star

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*Competition winner - April 2018*

Unisex Back To School Watch

Reviewed on Fri 27th April 2018
Reviewed by BettyBoo

Excellent watch for my 10 year old son who is preparing for 11+ exams, and the watch was meant to be a praise for all his hard work. I think there is something special about "the first Swatch" one is given, so he will hopefully treasure this for many years to come.
Although I bought the watch for my child, don't get me wrong, it's equally suitable for adults. I love it on my wrist too, and would not hesitate to borrow it from him. The contrasting colours o f dark navy, neon orange and white look very modern.

Excellent   star star star star star

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*Competition winner - January 2018*

Ladies Bloomsbury Watch

Reviewed on Wed 31st January 2018
Reviewed by Lisa

Ordered my beautiful Vivienne Westwood watch, and it was better in real life than its picture on the web site. Already had fantastic comments from friends whove asked me where I got it from. Gave them details for the website. Service received from start to finish was excellent. Delivery was prompt by secure Royal Mail service and quicker than expected. Looking to surprise my partner for Valentines, so will be back for another watch shortly.

Excellent   star star star star star

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*Competition winner - January 2018*

Ladies Parker Chronograph Watch

Reviewed on Tue 30th January 2018
Reviewed by Rie


I spent some time trying to find the perfect watch. I knew I wanted a Michael Kors watch but we are spoilt for choice as there are so many variants but in the end I settled for this one. In a nutshell, this watch is stunning and absolutely beautiful. No question about it. But that is never enough to help someone decide if this is the watch for them especially when there are so many variants, so what I thought I would do is conduct an end-to-end review to help guide your decision if you are thinking of owning this watch. I will cover off some of the intrinsic facets that you may not otherwise know about from reading just the descriptions, and hopefully in the end you will know if this the kind of watch you want to own or buy as a gift for that special someone.

As the description suggests, the watch is for females. At first glance, you might not think so because it is quite quirky in the sense that the large circle shaped case is traditionally aimed at males whereas the ladies tend to have smaller cases or a rectangular size case but things have obviously changed and this is now the trend that has been in full swing for the past 4 years. Of course, I think the watch will suit people over 18. I think the slightly bigger than normal width and depth of the watch which I will cover in detail later in the review suggests it may not suit the younger age group – especially if they have small arms. This watch in my view can be worn with casual or format / smart wear. It works well.


It goes without saying, Michael Kors is a worldwide and well-known leading designer brand, famous for creating some of the highly popular handbags many of you may see women carrying on the street. They also create beautiful watches for women, much like this. Rest assured, when you are buying a designer watch, you can expect quality and precision in the way the watch has been crafted.


The watch sits in a beautiful white official Michael Kors presentation box, which I really appreciate as it shows the quality of the brand extends beyond its products and to its packaging as well. I really like the box and it is ideal to just add some wrapping paper around it or it can be placed into a gift bag if you are looking to give this to someone as a gift. There is a cute little easy to follow instruction booklet along with the usual authenticity details you can expect to find. Michael Kors provides a 2 year warranty for piece of mind, which again you can find more information inside the box.

So the basics aside, let us focus on the watch. When you take it out, you can tell the watch is slightly on the heavier side and comes in between approximately 101 and 104 grams in weight. I know some people may consider this as a drawback but do not let that put you off – it is actually a good thing! Heavier items are a good sign that you are holding what looks like a very expensive item – and only you will know that you spent just a few hundred pounds on it, not thousands. When you think of a diamond ring that has a higher carat of weight, you immediately think it must be expensive. The same rings true on a heavier than usual watch.


The main body contains a polished rose gold finish on a stainless steel bracelet. For those unfamiliar with rose gold, it is arguably the trendiest choice of metal right now, and you will see this kind of finish not just in watches but even on gadgets such as smart phones. Rose gold has a very vintage appeal, but more importantly, a romantic feel too – perfect if you are looking for a gift for that special lady in your life. Suffice to say, when wearing this watch on my wrist, the rose gold definitely affords that vintage look, which I think also reinforces that romantic look too. It is a win-win in my opinion. Plus, rose gold is generally what people are looking to buy nowadays because the colour just looks great – it is different and unique a good departure from your everyday stainless steel, white gold, white or black ceramic watches.

On another note, it may provide you with some comfort that rose gold is very durable because cooper - the alloy used to make rose gold - is a very hard substance, making rose gold more durable than yellow gold and white gold. It is less likely to get scratches and blemishes. This means rose gold is by far the best option for those type of ladies who would like something for active, everyday use without having to worry about how long it would last. You do not need to wear this just on special occasions, you can wear it to work too! Rose gold is also easy to maintain, but more interestingly, you do not need to dip it into anything every few years unlike white gold. All it requires regular care and it will maintain its shine. Moreover, rose gold looks good on all skin tones. I appreciate when looking for a watch, some girls are quite conscience about whether the bracelet of the watch particularly will compliment their skin tone. Well guess what? Whilst some people suit cooler tones, and other people suit warmer tones, rose gold is a universally flattering colour no matter your shade or undertone. It suits all skin tones, so do not worry if you are worried about how well this watch is likely to compliment your skin or that of the lady you are buying it for. I am fair skinned and the watch is just perfect have a look at the photograph I took to get a real sense. My mum has worn it and she is slightly darker than me and again it looks perfect on her too.

It’s worth pointing out that the bright coloured centre links on the bracelet are rose acetate links. Whilst it is nice and compliments the rest of the watch and affords a very attractive shiny look, it does tend to give off a plastic feel which I think is a bit of a disappointment considering the rest of the watch is stainless steel metal. Either way, I have confidence of Michael Kors have used the very best materials and therefore durability should not be an issue – from what I understand, it should not attract scratches or scuffs so it should not create anxiety in peoples mind. It certainly does not look like it is likely to break either, so it should not be a big deal per se.

The watch has a push-button deployment function type of clasp to close/release the watch. Whilst the clasp does not ruin the look of the bracelet per se, I find it slightly disappointing as I am generally into hidden-clasps. I want to feel as if it is almost like an actual bracelet and that the links have not been reduced in quantity just to make way for a clasp. If it is any consolation, I’m pleased Michael Kors at least reduced my disappointment by adding the beautiful Michael Kors logo on the back – looks appealing and hides the fact that the logo is sitting on a deployment clasp. In any event, whatever I may think of the clasp, the clasp is very strong and sturdy – which is technically all that matters at the end of the day. It is quite hard to undo on its own, so provides a great sense of security in a way. If you are the sort of person who worries about their watch slipping off their rest, or you are buying for someone who might have this anxiety, then at least you have sound comfort that this watch will not give you any problems in that respect.

In summary, I would say if you want to truly set yourself apart from others, then I would say consider rose gold as an alternative to your usual white gold. It is different and classy and affords huge benefits. The watch is incredibly shiny too – good way to show off!


The watch has a round dial, plated in shiny PVD rose gold. The equally shiny case the dial sits in measures at approximately 39mm in width and 12mm in diameter or depth. It follows that the case is therefore quite thick which suits me but if you wear long sleeved tops especially shirts or formal wear it may add some discomfort if your top is quite tight, so something to be mindful of. Otherwise it is not a major drawback. If anything, it is quite trendy and makes it look quite expensive.

The case itself is protected mineral crystal glass you can find, which means it can resist some scuffs and scratches but not all. Whilst I have no doubt Michael Kors have used the best mineral crystal class to protect the dial, I actually wish they used sapphire, because unlike mineral crystal, it can absorb pretty much all scratches imaginable even though it might still be prone to shattering or cracks. I accept mineral crystal glass is hard to shatter which is why its been used, but I still think it would be impossible for anyone to shatter the glass unless they have been really careless with their watch. I therefore much rather prefer sapphire because I think scratches are what people are fearful of. Therefore this might worth thinking about. If you are confident you or the person you are buying it for will take care of their watch, do not let the mineral crystal glass put you off – it shouldn’t be a deal-breaker if that makes sense. Obviously I would say refrain from wearing it whilst lifting heavy items or when exercising, that is the best way to guarantee you avoid those dreaded scratches that can ruin the look and feel of your beautiful watch.

Perhaps the highlight of this watch for me has to be the beautiful pave crystal detailing around the frame and on the bezels which Michael Kors have carefully applied using the very best machinery. The crystal detailing is stunning to look at especially in dimmed lighting conditions – it has an unbelievable and truly captivating sparkle and it makes you feel as if you have spent thousands of pounds on diamonds when it is only crystals. You cannot but help stare at your watch all the time!


The watch comes with Japanese quartz movement and therefore powered by battery, which both the date and chronograph functions run off. The use of analogue format is smart because I fear a digital format would distract the overall look and feel of the watch. The date feature is quite handy too and compliments the dial quite well. I am glad there is a date feature in the watch, because if you are like me who forgets what date it is, you just need to look at your wrist as opposed to getting your phone out. I also appreciate how the date feature does not ruin the look of the dial – it is blended in nicely. I also very much like how Michael Kors have used their creatively and have added more beauty to the dial by removing the numbers and replacing them with crystals – it is unique, it is clever, and means more sparkle to add to your watch. Moreover, it is refreshing to see that the date feature has not been positioned exactly on the centre-right where number 3 would otherwise sit. It is actually disappointing when so many watch makers do that as it does not show creativity at all. I actually appreciate how Michael Kors have carefully positioned the dial in between numbers 4 and 5. It is a neat way of doing things if you ask me!

In case you have not noticed, the dial is coloured in rose gold too, which I love. It compliments the shine of the bracelet and allows the crystal detailing around the frame to really stand out.


The watch has a water resistance level up to 100m. This level kind of level means it can be used reliably while swimming, and snorkelling or surfing. Personally, this is by far one of the most impressive features Michael Kors have still found themselves able to include into what is already a beautiful watch with so many technical facets. I was not expecting a watch of this calibre - with so many carefully constructed design features - to still make way for a water resistance level of up to 100m. Gone are the days where you have to now take your watch off when you’re going for a swim, and gone are the days where you have to worry about leaving your watch aside when you are on holiday and fearing it will get stolen. This is a really good selling point, and if you are like me who does not like taking jewellery off when going for a swim, this is definitely a watch worth considering.


Michael Kors provide a 2 year worldwide warranty on the watch, which gives you complete peace of mind in case the watch stops working. The warranty covers the components and will be repaired or the watch will be replaced free of charge with the same or a comparable product if it proves defective. Note, the warranty only covers key aspects like if the watch movement, dial or if the hand pointers stop working. I like the fact that it is a worldwide warranty as it is quite convenient if you intend to buy this watch as a gift for someone – the recipient does not strictly need to be in the UK to return it to the manufacturer if it needs a repair. To be fair, you should not really experience problems anyway as the watch is quite durable in many respects. If anything, it is probably the battery that may need changing every 2 years if it is on everyday. If the battery were to die within the 2 years, you can get it replaced rather cheaply at any reputable watch dealer. The warranty information is contained in the box.


The purchase was smooth and easy. The free next day delivery was great as I did not have to wait days for it to arrive. I also appreciate the free bracelet adjustment offered by Goldsmiths. Would recommend buying from Watchshop for sure – the price is quite competitive too.


In light of the above, I would say the watch deserves a full house in terms of scores despite some of the minor limitations I talked about. In any case, it is a beautiful watch and made from some of the best graded materials by a top brand and I am quite pleased with my purchase. The highlight for me has to be the crystal detailing around the dial – I think this in particular has made this purchase worthwhile especially when you move your wrist around in dimmed lighting conditions – it just captures so much attention. Buy it! You will not be disappointed, I promise. I hope you find my review helpful and happy watch shopping!

Excellent   star star star star star

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*Competition winner - December 2017*

Mens Red Arrows World Time Chronograph Watch

Reviewed on Sun 24th December 2017
Reviewed by Sergey

Having spent a considerable amount of time looking for a replacement for my 17-year old Casio watch, I have chosen to buy Citizen Red Arrows World Time watch. Ive had it for about 10 days now and I love it.

This watch has a large black dial protected by a mineral glass, white hour markers and white hour/minute hands with chrome edges. There are three additional mini-dials - top one shows elapsed minutes counted by the stopwatch, left one is a 24-hour hour indication and the bottom one shows the seconds of the current minute. In keeping with the Red Arrows theme, these mini-dials are designed to resemble instruments on an aircraft control panel, while the large second hand used by the stopwatch has a tip in the shape of a tiny red jet plane. A few other elements on the dial are finished in red colour, which makes the overall appearance more vibrant, while keeping it stylish.

The dial looks a little crowded at first sight and I wasnt initially certain whether this would affect the ease of checking the time. It turned out that that the stunning design does not hinder usability at all - taking time readings is effortless at all light levels. In low-light conditions secondary elements on the dial appear to fade away, making the hour markers and the main hour/minute hands stand out. The same is true in the darkness, thanks to glow-in-dark hands and markers. Date display is sat somewhat deeper into the clock dial than usual, which means that a shadow can be cast onto the date reading. This turned out not to be a problem either - its sufficient to change the angle of the watch slightly to be able to see the date clearly.

This Citizen watch has a push-pull type crown that is used for adjusting the date pulled out by one click and time pulled out by two clicks. Stopwatch function is activated by the button above the crown - when pressed, the stopwatch second hand starts moving. Pressing the same button again stops the stopwatch. It is possible to resume and stop the stopwatch by pressing on the same button multiple times. The button below the crown resets the stopwatch - when pressed, the second hand slowly travels clockwise and stops at 12, while the minute hand in the top mini-dial instantly jumps back to 12.

The second crown on the left-hand side of the watch is used to rotate the inner bezel labelled with the hours of the day. Names of the cities on the main watch dial remain static when this happens. This makes it easier to read out offsets between the times of day in various time zones.

The Citizen Eco-Drive movement is supposed to use ambient light to recharge the battery inside the watch, meaning that the battery should last the lifetime of the watch. I have not owned an Eco-Drive watch before, but from some limited research it appears that in the unlikely case of a battery failure, it can be replaced at a reasonable cost.

The watch comes with a stainless steel bracelet and has a double-press tri-fold deployment clasp. The bracelet is made up of 5 parallel bands three of them two outer ones and the one in the center have brushed finish, while the other two have polished finish. There are 8 full-sized and 2 half-sized removable links all marked by an arrow on the inner side, which can be used to adjust the length of the bracelet. Fine adjustment can be achieved by choosing the right combination of full-sized and half-sized links to remove. There is no fine adjustment option on the clasp as is sometimes available in other brands, but thanks to varying sizes of removable bracelet links this is not needed.

The bracelet can be adjusted without specialist equipment by pushing out the pins, holding the removable links, in the direction shown by the arrow. Locking mechanism in the clasp is removable, so can be taken out for cleaning, repairs or replacement.

It is worth pointing out that this model CA0080-54E has a sister model CA0080-03E which has an identical watch but has a different bracelet: a black leather bracelet with red stitching. In my view, the leather bracelet seems to complete the appearance of the watch better, but a stainless steel one is more practical.

case diameter - 42mm 47mm in the widest place, including crowns/buttons
case thickness - 12mm
bracelet width - 21mm

145g - watch with the full-length bracelet
135g - with two full-sized links removed.

+ Stylish unusual design with an aviation theme
+ Large clear watch dial
+ Very easy to read time in any light conditions
+ Good accuracy - no clock drift observed within a week after setting the time initially
+ Appears to have a good quality movement - both second hands hit the markers exactly.

- Mineral glass is less scratch-resistant that a sapphire crystal
- Stopwatch automatically stops after 60 minutes instead of starting over
- Elapsed minutes measured by stopwatch are difficult to read on the top mini-dial
- Second crown on the left-hand side of the watch cannot be secured / de-activated, which means that the inner bezel showing the hours is too easy to move out of position unintentionally
- If worn on the left hand, buttons for starting / stopping / resetting stopwatch can be pressed inadvertently when placing the hand into the pocket.

Very Good   star star star star star_border

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*Competition winner - November 2017*

Mens Watch

Reviewed on Thu 30th November 2017
Reviewed by Emma

The watch itself is beautiful, it looks even better in person than it does in the pictures. It has a nice weight to it, and feels substantial and solid, but is light enough for comfortable wear. The blue colour on the face is gorgeous, and the light hits off the facets of it subtly, but just enough to draw your attention. The actual brand packaging on the watch is amazing too, it really looks and feels like the premium piece it is. Very excited to gift it to my partner this Christmas.

Excellent   star star star star star

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*Competition winner - October 2017*

Ladies Oxford Rose Deep Blue Leather Strap Watch

Reviewed on Tue 24th October 2017
Reviewed by Cathkidston fan

Absolutely love this watch, it came in a beautiful red spotty box, on a little red cushion. The leather strap is comfortable and the watch has a very pretty face with roses on. I was surprised however at how large the face was, compared to my other Cath kidston watches , but find it much more comfortable, the big numbers on the dial in gold effect give it a very classy look! Am so glad I ordered the navy blue, it matches most outfits. I ordered it in the sale, so very happy to get a bargain and couldnt decide whether to buy the blue one or the red Cath kidston watches, so made the most of the sale and extra discount on the second watch, buying both😉! Thank you watch shop.

Excellent   star star star star star

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*Competition winner - September 2017*

Ladies Watch

Reviewed on Sat 30th September 2017
Reviewed by sandhya sapkota

Ladies Lipsy Watch LP467: this watch is very similar to watch of the same brand Ladies Lipsy Watch LP466 however what i like about this one too in particular is the mixture colours of the watch on chain and the head. this one too looks like the micheal kors watch too but this one is very attractive too with its variety of different good colors added to it. improvement would be to provide more style watches that are very affordable plus very attractive to look at it and wear it where if one is made make that in other colours too with same design, do not change the design and colours on the similar looking watches and sell it on different price. watch shop has provided many different varient stayle of watches and i love it though i have not been buying lots of watches from it but since i have bough few from it now definetly in the future i would recommend people to buy it from this shop as we custoemr can find very variety differnt style of watches here which can not be found on Hsameul or any other shops it gives more options too. all the watches are great here and good quality and good priced too.

Excellent   star star star star star

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*Competition winner - September 2017*

Mens Luke Watch

Reviewed on Sat 2nd September 2017
Reviewed by Jake

The appearance of this watch is extremely sophisticated and smart. I was initially unsure about the black face but once it arrived, I realised it really did look great. It also features the day and date which is particularly helpful, and adds nice intricate detail to the overall look. The weight of the watch itself is rather heavy but once youve worn it for a few days it becomes normal and sits very nicely and comfortably on the wrist. The Tommy Hilfiger written on the clock face is nice and subtle, not too in your face! Everything about this watch is extremely elegant it looks great, its comfortable and it gets tonnes of compliments - I would definitely recommend

Excellent   star star star star star

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