Wedding guest inspo: Rose gold accessories

First published: 14-05-2018

Olivia Burton Double Bee Bangle

Rose gold is the most romantic metal, offering a softness that yellow gold and silver can't quite achieve. So it's ideal for a wedding. Men's and women's jewellery are both widely available in rose gold colouring, but it takes a special accessory to finish your wedding guest outfit with a final flourish.

Explore our favourite rose gold accessories for women and men that are perfect wedding guest inspiration.

Women's rose gold wedding guest jewellery

Olivia Burton Double Bee Bangle

Bangle: Olivia Burton Double Bee Bangle (RRP £70)

Wedding guest fashion doesn't have to be serious or fussy if your style is more laid back. Spring and summer weddings often take influence from nature: either via the traditional flower arrangements or things like outdoor receptions.

Show off your free spirit with a beautiful rose gold Olivia Burton Double Bee Bangle (RRP £70). The delicate, slim bangle is finished with two fuzzy bumble bees, inspired by the iconic Olivia Burton bee watch. Perfectly paired with a flowing dress to create a boho look ideal for outdoor celebrations.

Calvin Klein Unite earrings

Earrings: Calvin Klein Unite earrings (RRP £69)

Modern wedding guest looks are fresh, constructed, and minimalist, letting key pieces do all the talking. Pinkish tones of rose gold are ideal for this contemporary look, as they can add softness that's ideal for a wedding.

Calvin Klein Unite earrings (RRP £69) are perfect for this. The rose gold and silver work perfectly alongside one another to create a clean look that borders on artistic without being overly fussy. These would look great with a block-colour body con dress and killer heels for an outfit that works for the day and night.

Skagen Elin Necklace

Necklace: Skagen Elin Necklace (RRP £34.93)

A traditional wedding guest outfit needs to find a balance between extravagance and simplicity. Hats and fascinators are the eye-catching accessory of choice, so other jewellery needs to be stripped back and classically designed to ensure the full ensemble looks on point.

The Skagen Elin Necklace (RRP £34.93) is a classic circular design featuring a crystal that adds glamour to the piece. The rose gold plating modernises the necklace, and it would look great set against a floral dress.

Men's rose gold wedding guest jewellery

Unique & Co cufflinks

Cufflinks: Unique & Co cufflinks (RRP £39)

Cufflinks are classic men's accessorising, as they serve for both style and practicality. No wedding guest suit is complete without cufflinks, so for those trying to keep accessorising to a minimum, cufflinks should be the go-to choice.

Rose gold and black cufflinks, such as Unique & Co cufflinks (RRP £39), are ideal for a wedding. The black, textured area of the cufflinks emit a masculine energy, while the rose gold pays service to the romanticism of the occasion. A classic black suit will work well with these.

Emporio Armani Signature bracelet

Bracelet: Emporio Armani Signature bracelet (RRP £135)

Not every wedding is a top hats and tails event. Relaxed weddings still call for a dress code, but the pageantry of traditional attire is put to one side in favour of comfort and personal style. Take advantage of the relaxed occasion and wear accessories that reflect your personality.

The Emporio Armani Signature bracelet (RRP £135) is perfect for this type of wedding. The high-quality materials and structured design make it ideal for the formality of a wedding, while the colours of brown and rose gold keep it on the right side of casual. The good news is that when the wedding is over, you'll be able to wear the bracelet again and again, making it more of an investment than a one-off.

STORM London Rohaise ring

Ring: STORM London Rohaise ring (RRP £39.99)

Modern men's fashion recognises that accessorising doesn't have to be limited to women's style, and has grown immeasurably from the limitations of previous years. As such, men's rings have become extremely popular, giving all men the chance to enjoy this type of jewellery.

The STORM London Rohaise ring (RRP £39.99) is ultra-modern and achingly cool. The rose gold plating complements the design, which is finished with a gemstone that finishes the whole look. Match it with a navy suit for ultimate cool points.

Women's rose gold jewellery and men's rose gold jewellery are a perfect choice as a wedding guest. Find a rose gold watch that flatters your new accessories, and explore our news for more inspiration.


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