Put yourself on the map: The best GPS fitness watches

First published: 20-07-2018

The benefits of a GPS fitness watch aren't all about mapping your route. GPS can be used to track your speed, calories burnt, distance travelled, and historic performance. And that's just the basic models!

A GPS watch will enhance your workout and help you to achieve your very best, whatever activity you like to do. Check out some of our favourite GPS fitness watches, which can help you to reach your full potential with every workout.

Best entry-level GPS watch

Unisex Polar M200 Bluetooth GPS Activity Tracker Heart Rate Monitor Alarm Chronograph Watch 90061201

GPS Watch: Unisex Polar M200 watch (RRP £129.50)

If you're new to the GPS fitness market, this watch contains all the features you need to get started. The Unisex Polar M200 watch is a low-cost starter model for those on a budget. This Polar fitness watch has been created with runners in mind, making it ideal for those who are improving their fitness through running, as well as runners looking to better their time for 5k and 10k runs, and even marathons.

Along with the integrated GPS, the M200 also offers heart rate monitoring for more accurate calorie burning data, sleep tracking, and smart notifications, making this fitness watch as smart as it is sporty.

Best GPS watch for an active lifestyle

Unisex Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR Bluetooth GPS Alarm Chronograph Watch SS022670000

GPS Watch: Unisex Suunto Spartan watch (RRP £219.00)

Suunto specialise in high-end fitness watches, but the release of the Unisex Suunto Spartan watch means that the brand's technological capabilities are now available for casual users who still lead active lifestyles.

The watch is water resistant to 50 metres, meaning you can wear it while swimming with peace of mind, while the GPS will work for a variety of activities including running, hiking, cycling, and more. Suunto's powerful capabilities mean that you can get helpful feedback that will improve your performance across all these activities, whether you're aiming to have fun with fitness or seeking physical improvement.

Best GPS watch for global water sports

Mens Casio G-Shock Gravitymaster Bluetooth GPS Alarm Chronograph Watch GPW-2000-1AER

GPS Watch: Men's Casio G-Shock GravityMaster watch (RRP £800.00)

Jetsetters who love to make a splash should look no further than the men's Casio G-Shock GravityMaster watch.This heavy duty watch holds powerful GPS capabilities that automatically update the time and date from anywhere in the world, along with Bluetooth and radio wave reception.

The watch comes with water resistance to 200 metres, making it suitable for a range of water activities, including skin diving and high impact water sports. The glowing hands make it easy to read underwater, so whether you're making a splash in Australia, the Middle East, or somewhere a little cooler at home, the Casio GravityMaster won't let you down.

Best GPS watch for professional improvement

Unisex Suunto Spartan Ultra Bluetooth GPS Gold Special Edition Alarm Chronograph Watch SS023303000

GPS Watch: Unisex Suunto Spartan Gold Special Edition watch (RRP £735.00)

Handmade in Finland, those who take their fitness and activity very seriously will have a new best friend in the form of the Unisex Suunto Spartan Gold Special Edition watch. A huge 80 sports modes are included, turning this watch into a personal trainer, with special capabilities for those training for a triathlon.

GPS is integrated into the system, and while there are a seemingly endless selection of activity trackers and modes built into the system, this watch doesn't stop after your workout. Designed for those who seek adventure, the watch includes a sunrise and sunset feature, point of interest navigation and so much more.

GPS fitness watches can improve your life, not just your workout. Learn how fitness watches can improve all different kinds of activities, or browse all GPS watches to find a watch that fits your lifestyle and budget.


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