Mother's Day Interview with Leonie Parker

First published: 13-03-2020

As part of our #CelebrateAllMums campaign and this year's Mother’s Day we spoke to Leonie Parker, a lifestyle and travel blogger who is expecting her first child in June! She shares with us how she feels about motherhood and some of the misconceptions of being pregnant.

How did you feel when you found out you were pregnant?

I think I was in shock initially. We had planned to get pregnant but still finding out was overwhelming. Of course, I was extremely happy but also scared.

What are some things you are excited to experience during motherhood?

The love. I already love my baby so much and so excited about the amount of love I feel when she is here. I can’t wait to feel that bond. I’m also excited to see my partner become a daddy.

Did you always want to have kids or was it a surprise?

Yes. I have always wanted children.

What are some misconceptions about being pregnant?

That you must be happy about it all the time. Pregnancy is hard work. And even though I feel grateful that I am pregnant, that doesn’t mean I’m happy being pregnant 24/7.

What did you learn from your mum that you will teach to your child?

My mum has always been hard working and had a good career. I learnt my work ethic from her and I hope to pass that on to my child.

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