Mother's Day Interview with Grace Bruce

First published: 13-03-2020

As part of our #CelebrateAllMums campaign and this year's Mother’s Day we spoke to lifestyle blogger and mum-to-be Grace Bruce. Here she shares with us how she feels about motherhood and some of the misconceptions of being pregnant.

How did you feel when you found out you were pregnant?

Me and my partner were so shocked and happy when we found out. I had been having some struggles for a while and wasn't sure if I would be able to fall pregnant naturally, so for it to happen without any fertility medication was such an incredible feeling.

What are some of the things you are excited to experience during motherhood?

There are honestly so many things I am excited about. First of all meeting my son for the first time and having that skin to skin bond. Seeing him grow and watching his little personality form over the years, plus meeting his little nieces and nephews who I know he will have so much fun with!

Did you always want to have kids or was it a surprise?

TI have ALWAYS dreamed of the day I have my own little family. So yes definitely always wanted to have kids. I was mostly shocked as I genuinely didn't think it would happen as soon as it did, but it was the best surprise ever!What are some misconceptions about being pregnant?

What are some misconceptions about being pregnant?

There are many misconceptions when it comes to being pregnant. I always thought morning sickness meant just being sick in the morning and that it would cleared by 12 weeks. However cut to 21 weeks and I am still struggling with nausea and sickness from time to time. I also thought besides the bump I would feel myself, but that's not the case everyday is different and it comes with lots of ups and downs.

What did you learn from your Mum that you will teach to your child?

My mum has been a huge role model to me growing up so I feel very lucky that I am able to pass down her knowledge. I want him to always feel comfortable and for him to know he can talk to me about anything, there is nothing in life that cannot be solved between us. Most importantly I want him to be happy.

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