Mother's Day Interview with Amber Woof

First published: 13-03-2020

As part of our #CelebrateAllMums campaign and this year's Mother’s Day we spoke to Amber Woof, a 23 year old step mum, who shares her experiences with us on living in a blended family!

How would you describe yourself as a mother?

I am a step mum of 4 and I am 23 years old, which isn’t the norm! I would describe myself as organised and creative with a huge heart, but also a worrier and a bit of a perfectionist! I try my best to be super duper fun but sometimes my instinct to have everything perfect kicks in, oops! I love to plan - plan - plan and sometimes could do with slowing down! I bet the kids are exhausted!

What did you not expect you would learn from Motherhood?

I did not expect to learn what being a step mum is like. It’s not something you imagine as a little girl, is it? I didn’t expect to learn how to navigate life as a blended family, the boundaries, to love with and without limits depending on the situation. I also didn’t expect to learn this is something I was meant to be. But I’m so happy this was the path I had to take.

What’s the best thing about being a stepmum?

The best thing about being a step mum, especially to so many kiddos, is how full my life and heart is. I love all the hustle and bustle and business. I love that there’s always something someone needs me to do, whether they are in our care or their mums. Care for them when they are with us and I also do things behind the scenes when they aren’t. Organising birthdays, buying gifts, helping with projects, making costumes, sorting our rota, I love to help others and be needed and with such a big family, I’m always needed in one way or another. Helping them grow is the best thing.

What are some lessons you have learned from your step children?

My step children have taught me how to handle situations better because they always come first. Whether that’s in co-parenting, refereeing the squabbles between siblings, handling any bit of naughtiness or cheekiness. They’ve taught me what works and what doesn’t and that everyone has their own way of what they respond to best and how. They’ve also taught me the simple things in life are the best.

What are the challenges of being a modern day working step mum?

The challenges of being a modern day working step mum are that, due to working 5 days a week, with an hour commute each way, I don’t feel like I can always be there when I need to be. I can’t take them to school when their biological parents are unable to and that sucks. I am lucky I work for a company that allows flexible working which means I am able to go to school productions and make some school pick ups, but even so, you don’t like to feel like you’re taking the mick with it and constantly asking. It also means I don’t have the time in the day at home to do housework and chores so my evenings and weekends sometimes get taken up with that and that takes away from time with them.

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