End of British Summer Time: Automatic-change watches

First published: 25-10-2018

Unisex Polar M600 HR GPS Bluetooth Android Wear Alarm Chronograph Watch 90061185

Unisex watch: Polar M600 HR GPS watch (RRP: £259)

With autumn in full swing and Christmas around the corner, there's already that feeling that winter is well on its way. It also means British Summer Time (BST) ends - which happens every year on the last Sunday of October.

If it wasn't hard enough recalling whether the clocks go forward or backward (tip: they 'spring' forward in the spring, and 'fall' backward in the autumn), forgetting to change the time on your watch can mean you miss out on that extra hour in bed on October!

Fortunately, there are many watches that automatically make the shift for you. Here, we present the best of them.

How does it work?

Fitbit Ionic Watch FB503CPBU-EU

Unisex watch: Fitbit Ionic (RRP: £299)

There are numerous watches clever enough to do the hard work for you. Smart watches are chief among them - either leaning on a smart phone for their intelligence or having their own connection to a mobile network.

There are also radio-controlled watches that receive time signals from radio transmitters synced to an atomic clock. Satellite watches are one step beyond that and get the time from multiple GPS satellites.

Ranging from luxury sport to ultra-modern and even vintage, there's something to suit a range of tastes, styles, and budgets. Bond-worthy sports models from Citizen are included, as are futuristic numbers from Guess and Fitbit.

  1. Style and substance

Unisex Guess Connect Bluetooth Hybrid Smartwatch Watch C0002M1

Unisex watch: Guess Connect Wear OS smartwatch (RRP £279)

There are some eye-catching smartwatches on the market today, but US brand Guess has taken things to the next level with the Guess Connect (RRP £249). This super intelligent wear OS powered watch syncs with your Android or Apple phone, connecting you to a wealth of cutting-edge features, such as step trakcing with Google Fit, to text messaging to syncing with your favourite apps.

Simply pair the watch with your smartphone and the watch will automatically set the time as displayed on your smartphone. Did we also mention this black and gold timepiece is one of the best-looking timepieces around?

  1. Atomic timekeeping

Mens Citizen Satellite Wave-World Time GPS Watch CC3005-85E

Men's watch: Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave (RRP £845, our price £635)

If you've acquired more air miles than James Bond, you need a watch that can keep up. The Eco-Drive Satellite Wave (RRP £845, our price £635) from Citizen is satellite-controlled and updates within three second based off four GPS satellites, wherever you are in the world. A handsome watch that'll support jet-setting gents who don't have time to stop.

  1. Retro revolution

Junghans max bill Mega Radio Controlled Watch 058/4200.00

Unisex watches: Junghans Max Bill Mega radio-controlled watch (RRP £790)

The minimalist aesthetic of the iconic Max Bill watch line has barely changed since 1961, however the classic looks of the Max Bill Mega (RRP £790) can be deceiving. Beneath the surface, this Junghans watch is packing technology that adjusts the time automatically, according to radio waves.

  1. Reach for the sky

Mens Citizen Red Arrows A-T Chronograph Radio Controlled Watch AT8060-09E

Men's watch: Citizen Red Arrows radio-controlled watch JY8079-76E (RRP £429, our price £364)

If it's good enough for the world's premier aerobatics team, then it's good enough for us. Designed in partnership with the Royal Air Force and the formidable Red Arrows, this Red Arrows A-T Chronograph Radio Controlled Watch JY8079-76E (RRP £599) from the Citizen Eco-Drive range ticks every box with its good looks, tough materials and impressive features.

Radio controlled in Europe, North America, Japan, and China, the watch adjusts to local time automatically in 26 world cities and boasts the claim of 'The most accurate watch in the world'.

  1. Trail blazer

Unisex Fitbit Blaze Bluetooth Fitness Activity Tracker Watch FB502SBUL-EU

Unisex watches: Fitbit Blaze Bluetooth activity tracker (RRP £159.99)

The futuristic Blaze (RRP £159.99) from Fitbit wouldn't look out of place in a sci-fi movie and the special features this smart watch boasts are out of this world too. Track every single step, calories burned and record workouts to your dashboard using SmartTrack technology.

Connect the Blaze to your mobile and use GPS technology to sync the time to your phone, wherever you are in the world.

Choosing a watch that updates the time automatically has never been easier, with so many different styles and models to choose from. For further inspiration, browse the entire Watch Shop collection where you'll find 1,000s of beautiful timepieces for men, women and children.


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