Choosing and adjusting a watch: How to get the perfect fit

First published: 13-09-2018

Mens Citizen Chrono Perpetual A-T Alarm Chronograph Radio Controlled Watch AT4004-52E

Watch: Men's Citizen Chrono watch (RRP £469)

A watch you love is a watch that fits, and a comfortable fit isn't just about how your watch feels on your wrist. Adjusting your watch strap to make sure it's the right size means it's less likely to be damaged through wear and tear, as it won't slide around on your arm.

Luckily, it's easy to adjust your watch strap to suit your wrist. Many watch bands are designed to be customised to suit the wearer, and those that aren't can be adjusted by the Watch Shop strap adjustment service team, so you can be confident that you'll receive a perfectly adjusted watch directly to your front door.

We discuss key things to consider when choosing a watch, so you can find a piece that feels just as good as it looks.

How to adjust metal, leather, and mesh watch straps

Mens Tissot V8 Chronograph Watch T1064171105100

Watch: Men's Tissot V8 watch (RRP £345)

A traditional watch with a metal bracelet is made using links. Most metal bracelet watches will be manufactured to have a large number of links, which results in a large bracelet. These links can then be removed to adjust the overall size to suit your wrist.

Ladies Olivia Burton Enchanted Garden Watch OB16EG100

Watch: Ladies' Olivia Burton Enchanted Garden watch (RRP £72)

A leather strap is often easily adjustable as it comes designed with a line of pre-manufactured holes along the strap. This means these types of watches don't need to be professionally adjusted, as every time you wear the watch you can select a fit that feels right on your wrist.

Ladies Cluse La Boheme Mesh Watch CL18113

Watch: Ladies' Cluse La Boheme watch RRP £89.95

Sitting somewhere between a metal bracelet and a leather strap is the metal mesh watch strap. A recent trend across all the most fashionable brands, a mesh bracelet will often fasten with a clasp.

Rather than removing links, the clasp can be moved up or down the bracelet, so you can secure it in a position that fits your wrist. The manufacturer's leaflet should tell you how to make the adjustments, based on your model.

How do I find my wrist measurement?

Ladies Vivienne Westwood Bloomsbury Watch VV152GDGD

Watch: Ladies' Vivienne Westwood Bloomsbury watch (RRP £285)

Finding your wrist measurement is quick and easy to do. All you need is a flexible tape measure, or a piece of string and a ruler:

  • Wrap the tape measure or ruler around the section of your wrist you would like your watch to sit.
  • If using a piece of string, measure it against your ruler to find the length that your strap should be.
  • Make a note of your measurement in either centimetres or inches.

It is highly recommended that you add about ½ a centimetre to your measurement - this will ensure that the watch does not pinch if your wrist size changes slightly over time. If you prefer your watch to sit a little loose, add 1 centimetre to your final measurement.

How do I use the Watch Shop strap adjustment service?

It's easy to use the Watch Shop strap adjustment service, and there are several different ways you can ensure you get a watch that fits.

  • Specify your wrist measurement at our online checkout

When you have chosen your watch with an adjustable strap, add it to your basket and go to checkout.

When you arrive at the checkout, you'll notice a notes section. Add a note that indicates you would like to use the adjustment service, along with your wrist measurement (in centimetres or inches). This service is completely free of charge, and we'll send your perfectly sized watch straight to you!

  • Get your watch adjusted in-store

You can also take your watch to your local Goldsmiths store to have it adjusted for free - just make sure to bring your Watch Shop receipt with you.

If you can't get to a Goldsmiths, we'll refund you up to £5 if you have it adjusted by your local jeweller, though this means that it will no longer be eligible for our refund policy. Simply send us the receipt for your bracelet adjustment together with your order number to:

PO BOX 8174
United Kingdom

Find out more about the Watch Shop watch bracelet adjustment service, or browse all of our ladies' watches and men's watches to find your next favourite timepiece.


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