90s jewellery and watches inspired by The Spice Girls

First published: 24-07-2018

Ladies Union Jack Bead Charm

The 90s are back with a bang, and retro-inspired jewellery and watches are in fashion - and we're looking to The Spice Girls for inspiration. Whether you're shopping for a back to school wardrobe, or you simply just want to channel your former school days by incorporating the decade into your ensemble, who better to turn to for inspiration than the queens of the 90s: Sporty, Ginger, Scary, Baby, and Posh.

Recreate their iconic looks with jewellery and accessories trends that they made so popular bring the 90s into your everyday look. From baby pink to posh diamonds, we've got your Spice Girls look covered!

The ultimate Sporty 90s accessory

Ladies Casio Baby-G watch

Watch: Ladies Casio Baby-G watch (RRP £80.00)

It was the watch every fashion savvy girl wanted in the 90s: the Ladies Casio Baby-G. This chunky, water resistant women's watch features an alarm and date function, among other features, and is bang on trend once more thanks to the 90s resurgence.

Channel Sporty and Baby Spice at the same time and choose your Baby-G watch in bubblegum pink for a real 90s throwback piece. You can be rest assured that it's is more than just a pretty face - Casio is famed for producing high quality watches that can resist all the tests of time, so choosing a Baby-G watch is as much an investment in your future as it is your wardrobe.

Rule Britannia like Ginger Spice

Ladies Union Jack Bead Charm

Charm: Ladies Union Jack Bead Charm (RRP £35)

The 90s was defined by the Rule Britannia attitude, most famously represented in Ginger Spice's iconic Union Jack minidress - and the ladies' Persona sterling silver Union Jack bead charm is a micro-version you can wear on your wrist!

Embrace the retro back-to-school appeal with a fun charm bracelet, which you can fill with beads and charms that reflect your favourite 90s icons. Check out our post on charm ideas for more inspiration.

Unleash your Scary side

Ladies Calvin Klein Embrace bangle

Bracelet: Ladies Calvin Klein Embrace bangle (RRP £79.00)

There was one Spice Girl who really represented those who weren't made of sugar, spice, and everything nice: Scary. With a love of leopard print and sky high platforms, Scary Spice also wore unusual and bold accessories, much like the ladies' Calvin Klein Embrace bangle.

This stainless-steel bangle is a nod to the upper-arm cuffs favoured by Scary Spice in the 90s, utilising unusual shapes and simple, clean metallics to create a striking look. With the benefit of matching virtually everything in your wardrobe, it'll help you bring a little attitude to your everyday.

Pretty in Baby pink

Ladies Guess Guessy earrings

Earrings: Ladies Guess Guessy earrings (RRP £32.00)

If you were a fan of Baby Spice's irresistibly girly style, the ladies' Guess Guessy earrings are the perfect modern accessory. Pink, heart-shaped, with a bit of bling, they possess everything you love about Baby's sweet style, updated for a modern-day look.

Rose gold is bang on trend today, while the unusual shape and bright, sparkling gems pay a tribute to the bold outfits favoured by our favourite girl group.

Classically Posh

Ladies Guess Hoops I Did It Again earring box set

Earrings: Ladies Guess Hoops I Did It Again earring box set (RRP £59.00)

Hoop earrings are never out of style, which fashionista Posh Spice always knew. The ladies' Guess Hoops I Did It Again earring box set takes the simple but effective hoop earrings and lets you make them your own.

Coming with two sets of charm accessories, let your mood decide what style you'd most like to wear. Team it with a simple fitted black dress, and you've recreated the timeless look that started Posh Spice's journey to becoming the fashion icon she still is today.

Can't get enough of the 90s style? Read our guide to choker necklaces to find 90s-inspired jewellery that best suits your look.


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