6 men’s and women’s skeleton watches you’ll love

First published: 28-09-2018

Mens Hamilton Railroad Skeleton Automatic Watch H40655751

Watch: Men's Hamilton Railroad skeleton automatic watch (RRP £1,060)

Skeleton watches have been a favourite for years when it comes to sophisticated yet down-to-earth timepieces. Whether you prefer a low-key look with high functionality or a watch that screams refinement and charm, we've selected six skeleton watches from our wide selection for you to peruse.

With men's and women's skeleton watches of all kinds, from brands including Fossil, Hugo Boss, and Emporio Armani, the choice in this particular category is rich and varied. Go back to basics while keeping it chic with a stripped-back skeleton watch.

  1. Take a walk on the wild side

Mens Fossil Townsman Automatic Watch ME3098

Watch: Men's Fossil Townsman automatic watch (RRP £239)

Texas brand Fossil, well known for using rustic leather and retro aesthetics, has created a skeleton watch that combines cutting-edge technology with a classy presentation. The Fossil Townsman automatic watch (RRP £239) is an elegant amalgamation of hardwearing black ion-plated steel and brown leather.

It is the perfect watch to wear during outdoor activities such as swimming, fishing, and hiking, offering water resistance up to 50 metres, and it can also be submerged in water. The Fossil Townsman automatic watch is - despite its sleek looks - as sturdy as they come.

  1. Pure as the driven snow

Ladies Zeppelin Princess Automatik Automatic Watch 7459-1

Watch: Ladies' Zeppelin Princess automatic watch (RRP £349)

This elegant ladies' Princess automatic watch (RRP £349) by Zeppelin is one of the most popular skeleton watches on the market for women. Its stunning combination of PVD rose gold plating and white leather forms a beautiful backdrop for the intricacies of its charming skeleton dial, making it truly a watch fit for a princess.

A picture of purity and white-hot simplicity, the Zeppelin Princess automatic watch also comes with a 50-metre water resistance, making it the perfect accessory for swimming and for relaxing by the pool.

  1. Nerves of steel

Mens Hugo Boss Signature Watch 1513657

Watch: Men's Hugo Boss Signature watch (RRP £499)

Luxury and world-renowned fashion house Hugo Boss, famous for its iconic range of men's suits, here introduces a skeleton watch of unrivalled sophistication. The men's Hugo Boss Signature watch (RRP £499) blends resilient stainless steel with a rose gold and silver-coloured skeleton face, creating a gent's timepiece that embodies lavishness.

The Hugo Boss Signature watch is one of the boldest in our collection, combining bare-bones minimalism with metallic suave. Its 50-metre water resistance makes it the perfect accessory to pair with a stylish suit or your favourite swimming trunks, all the while ensuring your look remains designer.

  1. The lap of luxury

Mens Hamilton Railroad Skeleton Automatic Watch H40655751

Watch: Men's Hamilton Railroad skeleton automatic watch (RRP £1,060)

Swiss producer of high-quality wristwatches the Hamilton Watch Company here offers a skeleton watch that is one-of-a-kind. The multi-coloured visible mechanism exposed on the dial of the Hamilton Railroad (RRP £1,060) is simply stunning, while the stainless steel case, sapphire glass face and black leather strap give it an edge of opulence.

Bringing the very best in high functionality and ultra-modern aesthetics, the Hamilton Railroad Skeleton automatic watch can be coupled with a designer suit and tie to great effect, whether at the office or out on the town.

  1. Keeping it simple

Ladies Sekonda Watch 2311

Watch: Ladies' Sekonda watch 2311 (RRP £32)

If you're a fan of effortless beauty and clean simplicity, this ladies' large-face skeleton watch (RRP £32) by Sekonda could be the model for you. This bold timepiece comes packed with heaps of charm with its large circular face, slimline black leather strap and exposed silver mechanism.

With metallic Roman numerals decorating its white dial, this watch promises to complete your look, whether you choose to pair it with a bold trouser suit in the office or a pretty blouse and jeans when meeting your friends for drinks.

  1. Clean and classic

Mens Rotary Exclusive Skeleton Automatic Watch GS00626/21

Watch: Men's Rotary Exclusive skeleton automatic watch (RRP £279, our price £181)

The best in traditional watchmaking and contemporary stylishness are brought together in this Exclusive skeleton automatic watch (RRP £279, our price £181) from prestigious global brand Rotary.

This exquisite watch fuses a state-of-the-art skeletonised automatic movement with hand winding function, a stainless-steel case plated with rose gold PVD, as well as a white dial protected by luxury mineral glass. This elegant watch offers an opportunity to make a statement, with its blue Roman numerals and luminous hands that create an air of timeless refinement.

One of the most cutting-edge in our range of skeleton watches, the Rotary Exclusive skeleton automatic watch immediately transforms any gent's outfit into the height of modern, masculine poise.


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