Zodiac watches 'sharp and slick'

First published: 09-07-2010

There is something incredibly sharp and slick about Zodiac watches, it has been suggested.

Modern designs from the watch manufacturer are designed to make people seem ahead of the fashion industry, noted alrproducts.com.

However, vintage watches from the brand have more appeal to investors, who find they grow in value year after year, it claimed.

The piece continued: "The timepieces use Swiss movement, sapphire and mineral crystals, all of which ensure high quality durability whilst on the go."

Furthermore, the article emphasised that Zodiac watches are perfect for those who want their watch to benefit from both style and function alike.

Last month, sportorder.com claimed that the Zodiac Diver watch is an ideal model for anyone who particularly enjoys water sports, mainly because it is so durable.

It is both precise and legible while under water, the website claimed.


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