Zenith reveals three new timepieces

First published: 02-02-2011

Fashion watch fans may want to take a look at a timepiece collection which "embodies the highest expression of Zenith's watchmaking heritage".

This is Watch Luxus's view of the Zenith Captain range, which has recently had three new watches added to it – the Captain Power Reserve, Captain Grand Date Moonphase and Captain Dual Time.

Each of these have their unique appeal to attract the attention of watch enthusiasts, with the Power Reserve timepiece coming with a movement measuring in at just 4.675mm.

Wearers can keep up with the power reserve of this timepiece via an indicator positioned at two o'clock, while a date window slides into the six o'clock location.

One of the key elements of the Grand Date Moonphase is the way it "reproduces on its dial the various stages of the lunar cycle – new moon, first quarter, full moon, last quarter".

Finally, the Dual Time allows buyers to view the current time in two different time zones with ease, thanks to a GMT hand with a different style to the rest of the watch.

Meanwhile, the Zenith Christophe Colomb has recently being honoured as part of World Tempus' Selection 2010, which may tempt fashionistas to make a purchase.


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