Zenith details its Left-Handed Editions

First published: 12-07-2011

Left-handed watch wearers may be attracted to a special pair of Zenith timepieces, which have been unveiled for the Only Watch 2011 auction.

Simply titled the Left-Handed Editions, the two devices' designs are instantly striking, thanks to the crown sitting on the left side of the case, as opposed to the traditional right side.

Both timepieces have plenty of other dazzling features besides just the location of this element though, such as a dial decorated with two informative sub-dials and an easy-to-read date window tucked in at the six o'clock position.

A time measurement of ten vibrations per second also helps when it comes to reading the time to a precious instant.

The Left-Handed Editions will be available in a choice of either a glowing gold-case finishing or a striking silver design.

Many watchmakers have been unveiling special timepieces for the Only Watch 2011 event recently, which takes place in September, including the last-ever device from Urwerk's UR-103 collection.


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