Wristwatches 'can give the professional edge'

First published: 30-11-2011

Workers looking to get the edge over their colleagues at work could find that in order to be noticed it might not just be down to how they perform or behave in the office.

Image is often as important in succeeding as working hard is and one way to show that you are dedicated to your profession and can work to schedule could be to wear a watch.

While mobile phones can be used now to tell the time and come equipped with plenty of additional features, ranging from stopwatches to alarms, they are no competitor to the wristwatch, according to Aaron Marino, founder of alphamimageconsulting.com.

There used to be a lot of pride associated with wearing a watch, with items being passed down within families, something that does not happen with modern devices.

Mr Marino explained that despite all the fancy features found on a mobile, they will not give their owners the professional edge in the same way a watch will.

The image expert explained that watches have a psychological effect on others and could leave those without a timepiece appearing "ill equipped".

Noting that it is a very competitive world out there, Mr Marino explained that he thinks people should do whatever they can in order to gain the advantage, with the step being as small as getting a new watch.

"Wearing a wristwatch sends a subconscious message to others that you are a force to be reckoned with," the expert stated.

He added that wearing a watch gives a clear signal that the wearer is aware of what the time is, both literally and figuratively.

To get the right watch for the workplace, Toshiko Kobatake, managing director of talkingimage.co.uk, recently advised finding one that is in proportion to your body size, as anything too big or small may not have the desired effect.  


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