Worth its weight in gold...

First published: 15-06-2017

A quality gold watch or piece of jewellery might weigh 100g and cost you several hundred pounds, but if it were made of solid gold, would it be worth its weight in gold?

Known as one of the most valuable metals, it's been used for fashion and currency for centuries. A classically safe investment thanks to its steady high value globally, it's hard to find a material item that's more valuable than gold.

Yet, some things are.

There are items people have deemed as more valuable than their equivalent weight in gold. From the film industry to historical documents, wealthy investors and fans have splashed their cash on legendary pieces of memorabilia and prestige items.

Outside of the auction room, brands and manufacturers have raised the bar for expensive luxuries. For instance, while the iPhone 7 might be worth £599 today, when it comes in weighing 138 grams, it's gold equivalent price is £4,334 - seven times more than its retail value.

So, what items could possibly be so luxuriously exclusive that they're worth more than their weight equivalent in gold? Of course, money isn't everything, and there are some things in life that are priceless. In a survey we recently conducted of 2,000 people in the UK, 42% said that they would only consider selling their family heirlooms in times of financial crisis - no matter how much cash they were offered.

But what items could possibly be worth so much? Family photographs were the most popular, with 57% of the nation hailing their snaps as their most precious item. These were closely followed by inherited jewellery, which 53% named as their personal treasure.

How much would other treasures sell for if they were made from solid gold? Learn which of the world's most exclusive and expensive items would fit the bill.

Value of gold (per gram): £31.41 / $40.69*

Value of gold (per ounce): £978.49 / $1,266.00*

* Market value as of 28th April 2017. Source: https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/gold-price/24ct-gold-price/


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