World's oldest mechanical clock to be fitted with electrical motor

First published: 20-08-2010

Watch wearers in Somerset may notice a difference in the world's oldest working mechanical clock after it will be wound up by hand for the last time on August 23rd.

The clock, located at Wells Cathedral, has been manually set and maintained by the same family for near to a century and was built over 600 years ago.

However, Paul Fisher, who has set the clock since 1987, has now announced his retirement from the official title of "keeper of the great clock of Wells", which involved turning three 250kg weights three times a week, a job that takes about an hour on each occasion.

The decision came to fit an electrical motor after his son Mark Fisher admitted he felt he could not carry on with the commitment.

He said: "My father is retiring and it is quite an involved job so it is physically impossible for me to run the shop and look after the clock at the same time."

Football fans will also be able to set their watches from another traditional timepiece after Arsenal announced that they will be unveiling a more modern version of their Highbury clock at their game against Blackpool at the Emirates Stadium.


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