World's most complicated pocket watch sells for £3m

First published: 20-11-2009

The most complicated watch in the world has recently been sold at auction in Switzerland as part of Antiquorum's 35th anniversary celebrations, fetching a huge amount of money from a professional collector.

With a huge 33 complications, the Patek Philippe Yellow Gold Calibre 89 pocket watch weighs nearly 2.5lbs and has an 18k yellow gold case, created in order to honour the 150th birthday of the Swiss watchmaker.

The lot went for the world record price of 5,120,000 Swiss francs, or around £3 million.

Commenting on the deal, chairman of Antiquorum Robert Maron said: "We are extremely honoured to have sold this exceptional and unique timepiece for the second time in Antiquorum's history and are thrilled that we have once again achieved a world record price at auction."

Earlier this month, Bernard Madoff's wares went under the hammer in a bid to remunerate those who were conned by the fraudster, with several of the watches being Patek Philippes.


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