World's largest watch fair opens in Hong Kong

First published: 03-09-2009

The world's largest watch and clock fair has had its 28th outing in Hong Kong this month, with festivities kicking off yesterday in the former British crown colony.

Expected to finish on September 6th, the fair will showcase over 700 exhibitors from 17 countries and regions in a bid to promote the innovation in the trade.

K C Chan, the secretary for financial services and the treasury of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region's government, said the watch and clock industry has experienced "many great challenges", all of which been overcome by the "creativity and resilience" of watch producers.

He continued: "Indeed, you have turned crises into opportunities, maintaining the leading position of our watch and clock industry in the world. The Watch and Clock Fair 2009 is the best platform to showcase our achievements."

Tissot recently decided to boost its brand awareness through a strategy different to a live brand experience at a leading event, instead overhauling its website to deliver a full multimedia experience.


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