Women 'favouring masculine watch designs'

First published: 17-06-2013

A change in the way women accessorise their outfits in recent years has seen the timepiece take a much more central role in adding to a particular look.

Indeed, wearing a watch still has a primarily practical purpose for ladies, but now it seems more attention is being focused on its appearance and design, rather than its function.

And this shift in focus has seen a growing number of girls discard their delicate leather-strapped accessory in favour of something a little more noticeable.

These days, it can certainly be said that wearing a watch is a must, as females add the wrist jewellery to both evening and daytime looks with ease - making it a staple part of any wardrobe.

Dainty faces and petit leather straps have been replaced with more masculine metallic finishes in silver or rose gold.

The Michael Kors Blair Chronograph timepiece is the perfect example of how a ladies watch can really add to the effect of an outfit, with some fashionistas opting for this design to emulate the style of their favourite stars.


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