Women aspire to 'celebrity fashion'

First published: 07-07-2009

Celebrity-focused fashion is important to women, according to Heat magazine style writer Bronagh Meere.

She suggested that celebrity product placement and endorsement can spur on the popularity of fashion items, such as Calvin Klein watches or other accessories.

Ms Meere said: "I'm not so sure about men but I know that celebrity-focused fashion is massively important for women.

"A lot of women want a piece of the celebrity lifestyle and being able to dress like one fulfils a bit of this need."

She also suggested that shopping online for clothes and accessories offers a "guilt-free" shopping experience for many people, with many preferring it to the challenges of the high street.

Her comments follow research by Special K, which found that women will go to great lengths to ensure they can fit into their chosen summer outfits - including setting themselves ambitious half-stone weight loss targets.


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