Will the new Abyss timepiece rival Tokyo Flash watches in complexity

First published: 02-08-2010

A new "insane" timepiece that has emerged out of Asia may even baffle Tokyo Flash watch lovers.

The minimalist Abyss watch features on the Techabob blog and has a fairly featureless black face that incorporates a ring of LED lights around its outermost edge.

As the blogger notes, the function of these lights is far from obvious, although presumably they are intended to help the wearer tell the time.

There are no minute or hour hands on the watch and will certainly set the wearer apart from the crowd.

Tokyo Flash is famed for its unusual take on the standard wristwatch, turning out new unusual concepts on its blog every month.

Conveniently for would-be Tokyo Flash watch buyers, they also offer an explanation as to how to tell the time using the device, to avoid any confusion.

There is also an opportunity for site visitors to vote on whether they think each watch concept is a good idea or not, by asking them whether or not they would buy it.


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