Will the end of BST prompt timepiece purchase

First published: 23-10-2009

The end of British summertime (BST) this weekend may be the ideal time to invest in an Accurist watch or another clock, it has been claimed.

In an article for the Daily Mail, some of the clocks on offer to buyers in the pre-Christmas period are discussed at length.

In particular, clocks can be used to stamp some "personality on to your home", according to Amode's Helen Harwood.

She told the newspaper: "The humble clock has transformed from simply being a practical timepiece to being a statement piece in its own right.

'Look out for clocks that are bright and colourful or large and quirky, to stamp your personality onto your home. Most of all, look out for great quality and build."

Of course whether a clock can be a sign of someone's personality as much as a classic watch, such as a Miss Sixty or Police watch, remains an open question.

Timepieces have been gracing the wrists and walls of fashionistas keen to show off their style for centuries.

The most recent example of this was unearthed by researchers at the Science Museum, who have discovered what they believe to be the world's oldest example of a watch, dating back to 1560.


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