Which fitness watches are compatible with iPhone

First published: 20-06-2017

Which fitness watches are compatible with iPhone?


If you have an iPhone you want to pair with your new fitness watch, you need to make sure the two are compatible and will connect to each other. There are two ways your fitness watch could connect with your iPhone:

  • Through its own dedicated app, which needs to be available on iOS.
  • Through the Apple Health app.

Knowing if an app available on iOS is easy; search for it in the App Store and, if it appears, you can download it to your iPhone. But what about Apple Health? Available since 2014, Apple Health serves as a dashboard for all your fitness information, including information about activity, mindfulness, nutrition and sleep. Apple Health collects its information in two ways: through its own GPS and motion sensors, which can detect steps taken and a few activities; and it collects the rest through third-party apps, including some that connect with your fitness watch.


Apple Health includes links to its favoured apps, but there are a few that aren't featured in the dashboard. If you want to take advantage of Apple Health, it's worth investing in a fitness watch that can be paired with the app ' but remember, it's doesn't have to connect with Apple Health to be iPhone compatible.

Problems? Do you have the latest version of iOS?

For a fitness watch to sync with your iPhone, you need to check which version of iOS is required. There are many versions of iOS, with some fitness watches being compatible with versions from two or three 'releases' ago.

Quick tip: If your fitness watch claims to be supported by iOS, but you're having trouble connecting, check you have the latest version of iOS installed on your iPhone by checking Settings > General > Software Update.

iPhone compatibility by brand

To fully understand each individual watch's compatibility with an iPhone, read the specifications, which will list every detail you'll need. To make things a little easier, below you'll find a list of all the sports watch brands available at Watch Shop, with an overview of whether some of their popular models are compatible with iPhone, which iOS is needed, and which app to download.

  • Garmin


Garmin fitness watches include the unisex Vivoactive HR watch: shop the full Garmin watch collection.
iPhone compatible: Yes
App: Garmin Connect Mobile
iOS: iOS 8 or later
Apple Health link: Yes

  • Casio


The Casio G-Shock Smartwatch is one model available from Casio's Bluetooth smartwatches for men and women.
iPhone compatible:
iOS: iOS 7 or later
Apple Health link: No

  • Epson


The Epson Runsense watch is a unisex fitness watch with GPS and Smart Stride Sensor.
iPhone compatible: Yes
App: Epson Run Connect
iOS: iOS 8 or later
Apple Health link: No

  • Huawei


The Huawei smartwatch range includes the Huawei Band, a unisex fitness watch designed to blend health trackers with smart watches.
iPhone compatible: Yes
App: Huawei Wear
iOS: iOS 8 or later
Apple Health link: No

  • Polar


Polar fitness watches include the V800; shop the full Polar fitness watch collection for men and women.
iPhone compatible:
Yes App: Polar Beat
iOS: iOS 9 or later
Apple Health link: Yes

  • Suunto


Suunto fitness watches include the unisex Spartan Ultra watch, a smart personal training fitness watch.
iPhone compatible:
Yes App: Suunto Movescount
iOS: iOS 9 or later
Apple Health link: No

  • Timex


Timex has joined the connected fitness market with the Metropolitan+ range for men. iPhone compatible: Yes App: Timex Connected iOS: iOS 8 or later Apple Health link: No

Many fitness trackers that connect with an iPhone will work with iPad, so you can review your stats and feedback on the screen size that suits you. Many of iPhone-compatible devices can also connect with Android too, so whatever smartphone or tablet you prefer, you can get the most out of your fitness data.


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