What's Your Style

First published: 27-02-2015

Stlye 1

Whether you throw on your clothes at the last minute or spend hours the night before carefully selecting the perfect colour combo, what you wear says a lot about you and your personality - but what style are you and how can you customise it?

We've selected some popular looks and suggested some accessory ideas to help you accentuate your style and stand out from the crowd.

Rock chic

Rock chic is a look that never really goes out of fashion, but simply evolves with the times, much like the music it's inspired by. Try teaming black leather pants, or even a skirt, with a white t-shirt and dark green military style studded jacket, finished off with oversized rollover boots. This look is great for festivals where you are likely to come into contact with a lot of mud, and goes really well with military dog tags or skull necklaces and bracelets.

50s glam

Style 2

If you have a love of things from a long-gone era and can pull off the look of Dita Von Teese with ease, then you could well be a 50s rock-a-billy babe. A pretty pleated skirt with a black t-shirt and slip-ons can be complimented with a polka-dot headscarf and a pair of vintage tortoise framed sunglasses.

Boyfriend style

Style 3

If you're the kind of girl who thinks baggy is best and dress to be comfortable rather than conform, then there's a good chance you dress boyfriend style. Oversized jeans and shirts with some box-fresh trainers is a great look that is both homely and urban at the same time. Finish the look off with an oversized ladies watch, or, alternatively, pinch your boyfriend's (we won't tell if you don't).


Style 4

Hippy chicks have been around since the 60s but there's nothing old or stale about this look - in fact, it's pretty timeless. Compliment a long flowing dress, dark brown sandals and cream cardigan with a beaded necklace and friendship bracelets for an effortlessly sophisticated look that won't break the bank.


Style 5

The immaculate preppy look is a versatile style where high-street and high-end fashion collide. A pair of blue designer jeans, fitted blouse and pastel jacket looks even more polished when teamed with an eye-catching clutch bag and court shoes. Rose gold watches, like this one, are all the rage right now and cap this particular look off perfectly.


Whether you're rocking this style to head for a workout or simply prefer the super-casual look at all times, the sporty look doesn't necessarily mean scruffy by any means and can still be easily customised. Try teaming some black leggings and Converse trainers with a neon t-shirt tied at the waist and finish off with a super-cool hoodie with graffiti-style detailing. Try topping your outfit off with some neon bangles which can be picked up for next-to-nothing.

Office smart

The relaxed nature of the average 21st century office has allowed for us to stamp our individuality onto our work wear in a way we simply couldn't before. A black pencil skirt with a tight, long-sleeved vest paired with heels is all you need to create a look that's just fine for the office but also for when the clock strikes 5:30 and you're out of there to meet some friends! Accessorise the look with a fresh-water pearl bracelet, or fake it with plastic if your budget doesn't stretch that far.

So there you have seven very different looks to suit your style - don't be afraid to mix things up and tweak your chosen accessories to your own personal taste and preference.


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