What to consider when buying a watch - part 2

First published: 20-06-2014

Following on from our previous piece, this guide will look at some other factors to consider when planning to purchase a watch to ensure you make the right decision. These include whether to choose analog or digital for your timepiece, how it actually functions and the bracelet itself. 

Analog or digital

This decision will partly depend on why you want to buy the watch. Digital ones tend to be used more in sport, especially for timing yourself when competing or seeing if you can run a race at a certain speed. While many people may use their smartphone as an alarm in the morning, this timepiece also has this function. They're powered by an LCD or LED face and the time is displayed numerically. 

Analog are normally more popular among casual or luxury timepieces and are generally seen as more fashionable. However, there's no hard and fast rule so don't feel constrained by this. 

If you just can't decide, you can get watches that are both. They tend to have a traditional clock face with hands and then a digital component to give you the date or day of the week, for example. 


When it comes to how the timepiece actually keeps track of the time, there are different mechanisms that vary quite considerably from item to item. 

Quartz movement watches don't need winding, because they are powered by a battery. These ones tend to be more reasonably priced and are extremely accurate when it comes to keeping the time. The battery will need replacing every so often, but this is generally seen as a hassle-free option. 

Mechanical timepieces are often a bit pricier and require a little more maintenance. This is because they will need to be wound regularly and are less accurate than their quartz counterparts. However, their craftsmanship is sought out by many who are willing to accept these factors in favour of a stylish watch. 

Water resistance

Some watches boast impressive abilities to still be able to work deep under the water. Consider if you're actually going to use this function of the timepiece because, if you're not, then it's probably best to buy a product that has features you're going to make the most of. 


While it's easy to focus on the watch itself and its abilities, don't forget the important band that attaches it to your wrist and enables you to make the most of it. 

Analog watches tend to either have a leather strap or one made out of the material of the item. A stainless steel one, for example, is highly practical and could last longer than a leather one. It also manages to be suitable for both business and less formal situations. 

One of the most important things is to not feel rushed in your purchase of a watch. They're not to be bought impulsively, especially when you could easily be spending upwards of three figures. Enjoy the browsing and research period, but hopefully you'll find most pleasure as you wear the timepiece itself. 


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