What to consider when buying a watch - part 1

First published: 19-06-2014

The whole watch-buying process is not something to be underestimated. Not only is it a practical purchase to help to ensure you don't miss engagements and always know what time it is, but it's also a fashion accessory.

There's no point splashing the cash on an expensive timepiece, only for you to decide you're not actually that fond of it a few weeks later. Alternatively, it's futile to excitedly put your watch on and find it doesn't complement your favourite outfit or the new dress you've bought for your friend's wedding. 

Here are a few of the simple things you should consider when you're looking for a new watch to adorn your wrist, to ensure you don't fall foul of a rookie mistake.

Do your research

Thanks to the internet, there's a multitude of useful information out there that can really help you to come to the right decision. At WatchShop, we have an extensive review section where people who have bought our products have expressed their feelings on what they've bought. Make the most of this and don't shirk this part of the decision-making process. It may be that you're viewing a timepiece and are concerned about a certain aspect and a satisfied customer has alleviated your fears in the comments section. 

Consider your lifestyle as well. Are you going to have the same watch for both work and play? While you may like to have two, think realistically about whether or not you can afford both. It might be a better decision to spend more money on an expensive timepiece, rather than buy two that are cheaper and not quite so good quality. 

Think about the colour

Watches can come in a variety of colours and it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming to choose the one you like. If you're prone to a bit of indecisiveness, select the colour that you like most and then don't look at it for a couple of weeks. Return to browsing them and see whether or not the one you picked out is still your favourite. Looking at the same item with a fresh pair of eyes can be a really helpful technique to enable you to be happy with the decision you've made. 

Consider the weight

Something that's often forgotten about is how heavy a timepiece is on your wrist. Especially if you're not currently wearing one, it can be a strange feeling and you need to make sure you don't buy one that's too heavy. If a watch weight a substantial amount, it could signal that the construction has been solid and a high-quality metal has been used. 

The size of the face

One key factor to consider is how big you want the clock face to be. These can vary quite substantially between make and model, and this is one occasion where trying on friends' or family's timepieces can be a good way to ascertain whether or not you're happy with a certain size of face. 


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