What his watch says about him

First published: 10-09-2014


They say you can tell a lot about a man by his choice of shoes and you know what - it's true. If you see a man wearing size 12 rigger boots, then there's a good chance he works in construction and has a huge pair of feet - but what about his watch? A man's timepiece says a lot about his lifestyle, personality and sense of style. It may even give away clues about his choice of career too.

In fact, a man's watch really should give away more about him than any other item of clothing, footwear or jewellery. A watch is considered a luxury item to most, and so a deeper thought process is required to find the perfect choice than, say, a pair of shoes to wear for work. Take a look through our list of different styles and find out what your watch says about you:

Mr Retro

Watch of choice: Nixon The Re-Run chronograph


If it was acceptable in the 80's, then it's more than acceptable for Mr Retro in the present. A person with this type of timepiece strapped to his wrist would typically be an open minded, street wise kind of guy, who dresses in cool but understated gear, completing his look with a pair of classic aviators.

Mr Retro will potentially have a cool, tech-related job, perhaps in graphic design, where he gets to make full use of his strong artistic flair. A self-proclaimed film fanatic, this guy has an enviable DVD collection and is always first when it comes to acquiring the latest gadgets and gizmos.

Mr Sporty

Watch of choice: Casio Pro Trek Wave Ceptor


It will come as no surprise that Mr Sporty is an active sort, who likes a watch that comes with more gadgets than the entire James Bond franchise put together. Yes, he needs a watch that's sturdy and reliable, just like him. One day he could be playing footy with the lads, the next he could be wrestling sharks on a deep sea diving trip or jumping out of an aeroplane.

Never one to stand still, he will typically have an active, outdoor job and doesn't suffer fools gladly. On the rare occasion he does get some down time, he can be found watching sport. He is fond of the odd beer, but never to excess - after all, his body is a temple.

Mr Hipster

Watch of choice: Swatch Blue Rebel


Mr Hipster is so hip it hurts. He will typically own a number of different watches, in a variety of different colours, so he can accessorise according to his clothing on that particular day. He will almost certainly have a beard, and has an extensive jazz collection, which he likes listening to on his vintage record player - which he bought from a flea market.

Mr Hipster will most likely work for a local council or a charity - anything where he gets to fight a cause of some sort. In his spare time, he likes to catch up with his likeminded friends in cool, edgy bars, where they sell an extensive range of craft beers and serve cocktails in plant pots.


Mr Trendy

Watch of choice: Diesel Mini Daddy


Mr Trendy never stands still in time, absorbs modern culture and fads like a sponge. He's the kind of guy that gets bored quite easily and can be somewhat fickle when it comes to fashion. In short, he's always one step ahead of the game. His job will likely involve sales of some sort, as the fast paced nature of this industry suits him down to a tee.

Mr Trendy makes no secret of the fact that he fancies himself as the sixth member of One Direction and is always keen to grab the mic at karaoke, proving he's perhaps not as cool as he likes to think - and that's why everyone loves him.

Mr Vintage

Watch of choice: Fossil Grant Chronograph


If Mr Vintage likes to step back two decades or so, then Mr Vintage will take it back even further - right the way back to the sixties and seventies. Much like Ron Burgundy, this type of gent will own many, many leather bound books, which he keeps in his study, which of course, smells of expensive leather and cigars.

With values that are just as old-school as his sense of style, he's a definite thinking man's man and is something of a gentleman when it comes to the ladies. More than likely working as a broadsheet journalist, he's a serious type who cares little for modern fads and trends and has only ever used Facebook for research purposes.

Mr Bigger, better, bolder

Watch of choice: Emporio Armani Ceramic Chronograph


If you've been somewhere, done something or seen someone, you can guarantee that Mr Bigger, Better, Bolder has too; except he did it bigger, better and bolder. Almost certain to work in a highly pressured sales role, such as recruitment, he gets to do two of his favourite things - pester people and hear the sound of his own voice.

Although something of a Marmite character, deep down he has a heart of gold and is loyal to loved ones. Underneath all the brashness and bravado, he hides several insecurities and secretly likes cuddles from him mum.

Mr Box Fresh

Watch of choice: Adidas Santiago


This type of guy likes his beats strictly street, and box fresh trainers on his feet. Yes, Mr Box Fresh has a huge collection of trainers, and somehow manages to keep them all in pristine condition. He lives and breathes music and loves everything from hip-hop to grime. He will more than likely have a job in music, either as a DJ, producer or record label owner (or all of the aforementioned).

He's a laidback sort and a popular bloke, and will have an army of followers on Twitter, where he's always posting his latest tracks. He likes his watch urban, to go with the rest of his attire, and is not afraid to admit he's a family man, who loves his mum, dad and siblings to bits.

Mr Fake


As fake as the watch he bought for twenty quid down the beach in Spain, this guy is a real wheeler dealer and likes to think he's a bit of a Jack the lad. Blissfully unaware that everyone realises his questionable employment status does not marry up with a £10k watch, Mr Fake is quite the local laughing stock. Yes, Mr Fake really thinks he's it and likes showing off, until that fake watch steams up and breaks down, just a week after his holiday - should've gone to Watch Shop.

*This feature was created for entertainment purposes only - any resemblance to any real life people, past or present is purely coincidental. No egos were harmed in the making of this blog post.


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