What her watch says about her

First published: 10-11-2014

In the same way as dress sense and hairstyle, you can most certainly tell a lot about a woman by the type of watch she wears. From overall personality to finer details including her favourite hobbies and chosen career, this much-loved everyday accessory really does speak volumes.

Following on from September's 'What his watch says about him' post, we take a look at the some of the different types of watch worn by women around the country and reveal exactly what kind of vibes they give off…


The retro watch

Dressed head to toe in vintage clothing bought from the local flea market, this Casio-wearing chick is a quirky customer who's always one step ahead of the latest trends. Employed within the creative industry, she's a true hipster whose most preferred method of transport is her Dutch bicycle or old school racer.

The classic watch


With a large round face and leather strap, the classic watch by brands such as Olivia Burton is arguably the most common style of women's watch in the UK. Generally worn by the kind of girl who enjoys spending hours perusing the rails of high street stores, her other favourite pastimes include baking cupcakes, watching cheesy romcoms (or Made in Chelsea!), and of course, drinking tea.

The designer watch

A woman sporting a designer timepiece by the likes of Michael Kors or Armani is certainly one who appreciates the finer things in life. Teamed with a designer handbag and a pair of killer stilettos, she's a classy kind of lady who takes utmost pride in her appearance. Most likely to be a high-flying business woman, she's a fine-dining fanatic whose favourite work hangout is a swanky cocktail bar.

The sports watch


Active and involved, training in the local gym is where you'll most often find sports watch-wearing gals! Cool and laidback, it's highly likely that they're a keen sportswoman or a personal trainer. Not only does their sports watch add the finishing touch to their slick lycra-dominated outfit, it's is a vital piece of equipment for their sporting endeavours, especially when they're going for a personal best!

The chunky metallic watch

Bold and brassy is the best way to describe this watch and, indeed, its wearer. Proudly sported by edgy urban gals, hip-hop and R&B are the most listened-to genres of music, with Kanye West and Jay-Z amongst their biggest idols. Street dancing and skateboarding are up there on the list of favourite hobbies, while Keeping Up with the Kardashians is by far and away their favourite TV show.


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