Wenger watches: The height of military precision

First published: 07-06-2010

Owners of Wenger watches are sure to agree that they present high levels of Swiss precision, a blog has suggested.

According to Joma Deals, the accuracy of these timepieces are second to none and only the best materials are used.

It continued: "Wenger watches are designed to meet the most rigorous military requirements. The specifications would impress even the boldest watchmaker."

The piece said that they also demonstrate "uncompromising craftsmanship", mainly because Wenger watches are closely associated with the Swiss Army brand.

They must withstand extreme conditions, meaning the watchmaker must be especially careful when putting together these exceptional timepieces, the blog added.

It was recently said by buywatches.cz.cc that Wenger watches have clean lines and easy to read numbers that have become symbolic of the brand.

"Their styles are designed to be bold, but not too sharp," it commented.


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