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First published: 16-10-2015

Pink Fairy Cakes

Buying a present for a newborn can be a bit tricky, whether that's for a christening, a baby naming ceremony, or for an early birthday.

To help you out, we've got a few suggestions for what to buy for the baby boy or girl in your life.

Brush and comb

A traditional gift for a christening or baby naming, is a special brush and comb set that will come in very handy once the baby starts growing a full head of hair.

Made with softer bristles, these are much gentler than brushes for adults and help parents look after their little one's mane. Many sets come in special designs, so whether you want something sophisticated and silver plated, or one decorated with beloved characters from books, there will be something that fits the bill.


Something to go up on the wall will be the perfect addition to the baby's bedroom. Look out for something that will be appropriate for a few years yet, so consider what a three- or five-year-old would like when you're picking the design.

Animals are a great way to go, and pastel colours never go out of style, so look out for something soft but fun to decorate their little kingdom!


Baby Plates

Every baby and toddler deserves their very own knife, fork, and spoon, so a great gift would be a special set to help them feel like a grown-up at the table.

This is a gift that may have to wait for a few months (OK, maybe even a few years, depending on what you go for) before being used, but both baby and parents are bound to appreciate it when the time comes.

Look out for sets that are free from anything harmful - products that are BPA free are ideal - and anything you can personalise will make them even more special to the little one in your life.

Charitable gifts

For the baby who has everything (or if you are just looking for a gift that's a little bit different) why not get them a charitable gift?

Whether it's planting a tree in their honour through charities such as The Woodland Trust or adopting an endangered animal, there are plenty of options for ethical gifts.


Jewellery is a perfect gift to celebrate a birth or a christening. You can buy something miniature to fit their tiny body, or something a bit bigger that they can grow into.

Silver Heart Baby Bangle

Bangles like this are ideal for little girls, since they have a simple and elegant style that will suit little wrists. This has an inset jewel to make it extra special, and it will match any occasion outfit they will wear. For little boys, a pendant necklace could be the perfect option.

Tooth Fairy box

The experience of a tooth coming loose and knowing the Tooth Fairy will be exchanging it for some money is so exciting for children, so take it up a level with a special Tooth Fairy box, where kids can leave their teeth ready for collection.

The 'Tooth Fairy' is bound to appreciate not having to rummage around under the pillow to find the tooth! Plus, with so many lovely designs available, this can become a treasured keepsake for the little one to look back fondly upon in later life.


Blue Bunny Booties

Kids get through an awful lot of clothes, so parents will always appreciate extra supplies! From bibs and booties to full baby grows, anything that is comfortable and easy to wash will go down a storm with both baby and parents.


Nowadays, many parents or grandparents set up savings accounts for their babies from birth, so an ideal christening/baby naming gift could be a contribution to such a fund.

A cheque with a note to say "For the baby's first savings account" will do the trick perfectly in this case. One day, when they are going travelling, enrolling at university, or buying their first car with the help of their savings fund, you'll know you've helped them out along the way!


Baby Book

Bedtime stories play such an important role in a child's development, helping them get to grips with language and getting their imagination in gear. Even before they are able to read, there are plenty books that are interactive, and can aid their sensory development from a young age.

Whether it's one that their mum, dad, grandparents, siblings, aunts, or uncles will be reading to them, or one that they, books and the stories within them can be treasured for a lifetime.

Buying a gift for a baby can be such an enjoyable task. From bibs and bangles to brushes and books, there are plenty of ways to find the perfect present for the little bundle of joy in your life.


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