Watch's water resistance can be seen by the eye

First published: 03-09-2010

Watch fans who like to wear their timepiece when they are in water can distinguish the different models' water resistance without asking the experts.

One of the main ways to see if a watch will be able to cope when submerged in a lot of water is to look at its lining, according to a news article on Lon's Article Directory.

It pointed out that a watch can only be efficiently water resistant if the product is both water and air tight. Therefore, checking to see if a timepiece has materials like rubber or nylon gaskets applied around its lining could help determine if it will survive when a wearer is going for a swim.

Another way is to find out how a watch has coped when submitted to a leakage test, which is a method of placing a product under water and seeing how long and how deep it can go before stopping.

These results can usually be found on the back case of most watches, known as a depth rating. People wanting to swim regularly are encouraged to go for a watch with a rating of over 100 metres, while divers should hunt one with a resistance of over 200 metres, like the recently announced 600 metre water resistant Ladies' Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronograph, Hodinkee has suggested


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