Watchphone is ''interesting yet ultimately a novelty''

First published: 15-02-2010

Love your watch but wish it was a phone as well? Well, for £300, a person can get both if they are willing to operate on an even smaller basis, it has been said.

sWaP, a company that shows an innovative streak in the world of mobile watchphone technology - so much so that sWaP stands for smart watch and phone - has been the focus of a recent product analysis by Expert Reviews, which have addressed its newest model, the Active.

It was explained that the new Active edition is a touch-screen offering that operates with all networks except 3, meaning the owner only needs a SIM card for the piece which weighs 74g and measures 240 x 59 x 16mm.

Jim Martin, who previewed the product for the website, said that watch fans and gadget lovers alike will "go mad for the gadget aspect".

He concluded: "But that leaves it in novelty territory and we can't help feeling that both the price and experience would be a lot more attractive if the whole package was simplified a bit."

Perhaps the most famous watchphone to be released is the GD910, officially launched in South Korea back in January 2009 and hitting UK shores last year.


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