Watchmaker to debut on Dragon's Den

First published: 17-07-2009

A trained watchmaker will be promoting his interestingly-designed watches on Dragon's Den next week, it has been reported.

The Retford Times reported today that Spencer Phillips, who owns a small shop in the town, will pitch the Driver 8 watch - a timepiece designed to appeal to car and motorbike enthusiasts.

It is hoped that the layout - which sees the clock face placed on the inside of the wrist - will minimise the need for people riding or driving around the UK to mess around to access the time of day.

Mr Phillips trained in both London and Switzerland with some of the industry's greats, with the innovator finally receiving confirmation that he'll be on the show this week.

Until now, Mr Phillips has been producing the watches on short runs of 200 pieces for each model, with the manufacturer using ETA movements similar to those found in products from TAG Heuer, Longines and Omega.


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