Watching watches with clearer vision

First published: 12-02-2013

If you are one of those people who likes Emporio Armani watches, you will be in good company. The high-class fashion label is worn by plenty of celebs, after all, with its male and female faces being among two of the creme de la creme even by A-list standards: Cristiano Ronaldo and Megan Fox.

Of course, it should come as no surprise - it is a serious designer name after all. Indeed, if you like Emporio Armani watches, one might even ask if it is a good idea to add some other Armani gear while you're at it?

If you happen to wear glasses, you can get these too - with some lucky person set to get a chance to invest in a £150 pair at a Specsavers branch near Glasgow.

The town of Milngavie does not have many claims to fame - unless you count the West Highland Way, a 96-mile yomp northwards through increasingly mountainous country where you hope the scenery will distract you from your aching muscles and blisters - but the opticians' chain has a branch there and someone buying the Milngavie Herald this week will find the voucher inside.

If this sounds a bit like the golden ticket in Charlie In The Chocolate Factory, then fear not - it is not an exclusive deal. Emporio Armani is simply the latest designer brand to offer its own spectacles through Specsavers.

There will, the paper notes, be no less than 24 styles available, which should hopefully include one to suit a surprised but happy Scottish customer, preferably one who actually needs glasses to start with.

It is not just folk in Milngavie who can try their luck down the newsagent's, which is just as well because any outsiders trying to muscle in on the action would soon be sussed out through their failure to pronounce the town's name as "mill-guy".

The Hunts Post published a similar article earlier this month, so someone in Huntingdon will be making a similarly excited trip to Specsavers soon. All over the country, some Armani fans could find themselves wonderfully geared up.


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