Watches 'part of the touch screen revolution'

First published: 10-09-2009

LG's watch phone, which was unveiled in a partnership with Orange only last month, has underlined the popularity of touch screen technology, according to a new report.

The Independent spoke of the latest additions to the touch screen market, with the "Dick Tracy-inspired" LG offering being the latest addition to a motion which has even seen Microsoft announce that its Windows 7 operating system will be fully compatible with the finger-based enablement.

Speaking to the newspaper, Chris Harrison, part of the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, said the "dramatic evolution" is understandable.

He asserted: "We have grown used to intermediate devices that martial our input into computers - they allow us to talk to them. Touch is moving us to direct manipulation. That's a big change."

The LG watch offering received a great write up from the Sun last month, with the newspaper stating that despite its £500 price tag, it couldn't be easier to use and shows that watches continue to be very stylish in today's market.


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