Watches 'pair up well with car manufacturers'

First published: 18-12-2009

Watch makers usually create watches for fans of their brand, yet sometimes they decide to boost the good name of others instead, according to a new report.

Classic Driver looked into three leading partnerships between car companies and watch makers, noting that many owners with extra cash to flash are getting the timepiece to match the interior of their motor.

Firstly, it discussed the Aston Martin partnership with Jaeger-LeCoultre to create the extravagant limited edition AMVOX3 Tourbillon GMT, with only 300 models being made with an open-worked dial to demonstrate the bridges and baseplate.

Edox's deal with Koenigsegg's CCR supercar was even rarer, with only 30 being produced at a whopping £13,500 each, though many will undoubtedly be seduced by the pair of hinged 'doors' that protect the crown, "imitating the gullwing design" of the car.

For those wanting a better deal and one which will contribute to charity, however, Hublot and the Automobile Club de France have joined forces to produce a skeleton-dialled limited edition watch, with proceeds going towards the Institute for Cerebral and Medullary Disorders.

Aston Martin has recently released details and pictures of a concept car for the "luxury commuter" - the Cygnet, which is based on the Toyota iQ.


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