Watches in 'high demand' among thieves

First published: 24-04-2009

Fashionable jewellery such as Fossil or Citizen watches are set to come under threat, with watches being the second-most targeted item by burglars, according to analysis by Norwich Union.

A quarter of burglaries that occurred in the UK last year involved a watch being stolen - a figure eclipsed only by thefts of jewellery, which was snatched in 33 per cent of house robberies.

However, Norwich Union estimates that there will be a 50 per cent increase in household burglaries by the end of 2009, further placing watches under threat.

Simon Warsop, director of home pricing at the insurer, warned that rising unemployment is likely to increase the rate of crimes.

He said: "Unfortunately the latest Home Office figures obviously show an upward trend in domestic burglary.

"Although theft represents a small percentage of home insurance claims we are still concerned by the effect this could have on homeowners."

The comments follow research by Bain & Company, which forecast that the sale of luxury watches will decline during the first six months of 2009.


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