Watches 'defy the recession'

First published: 14-12-2009

The editor of Esquire magazine has spoken to the Guardian about one of the strangest trends which still manages to defy the recession despite indicators pointing to the exact opposite: watches.

Jeremy Langmead said that many people may not need one, they can be very expensive indeed and the recession is sowing seeds of doubt around every major investment possibility, yet the industry continues to boom and people still want a watch.

He explained that it wasn't that long ago when fathers handed sons a gold-plated watch for their 21st birthday; now, many men will have another couple before they hit 30.

Additionally, by the age of 40, Mr Langmead continued, the perfect present may actually be a box with felt-lined compartments for someone to keep their collection of watches.

The style expert concluded: "Whether it cost £50 or £5,000, men clock the watch in the same way some women might take note of another's shoes. It's what we do. And the watch industry is very happy about that."

Earlier in the month, the Guardian wrote about Barack Obama's Jorg Gray 6500 Chronometer watch, which sparked a global frenzy among timepiece fans as to what kind of accessory it was.


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