Watches are 'not just for telling the time'

First published: 02-02-2011

Fashion fans looking at buying a new watch have been told that the device gives off clues about the style and personality which that person has.

Joyce Orena, writing for, said that accessories of this kind are not just for telling the time, and people are no longer just concerned about the accuracy and precision of the watch.

"We also want top design. It is all about form and function. No longer do we want only one timepiece. We also want different styles. It is about that perfect watch for that particular style or personality. The world's leading watch makers have models to match that personality," she added.

Ms Orena went on to say that simplicity is the key this year, with designs being more clean-cut, timeless and modern.

Recently, Rhodri Marsden, writing for, said that the style and form of fashion watches are not neutered by modern gadgets like the smartphone.


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