Watches and jewellery seized in Milton Keynes raid

First published: 03-12-2009

Plucky robbers stormed Milton Keynes shopping precinct Centre:MK this week, using CS gas and a suspected handgun in their raid on a jewellers before making away with watches and other items.

Two people have been confirmed as entering the premises but more individuals may have been involved.

In terms of watches, models from high-end manufacturers such as Omega, Breitling and Rolex have been linked to the store.

Police, however, are unsure as to whether or not the gun used in the robbery was real or fake - though an adult and child had to be treated for the ill-effects brought about by CS gas.

A Thames Valley Police spokesperson said: "A small number of spent cartridges have been recovered and these, along with any residue, have been recovered for examination.

"It is believed the firearm may have been a handgun, which is consistent with early indications from some witnesses."

A Rolex fan who loved the watches so much that he served 17 years for stealing them in South Florida is now back in jail, repeating his offence within weeks of his release.


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