Watch winders are 'extremely popular' in Asia

First published: 23-11-2009

Many watch collectors have so many timepieces that they simply cannot wear them all - yet lots want to keep them running, even if just for display purposes.

This is why one company, that has recently opened a boutique in Singapore, aims to impress a new customer base with the offer of automatic watch winders, according to Channel NewsAsia.

The offerings range from S$2,000 (£869) to over S$1 million (£434,800) and accommodate anything from two to 1,000 watches.

Jimmy Tay, the managing director of the Timeless Gallery, explained that his company can offer winders with anything from built-in safes to high-class hi-fi systems.

He said: "Because of the downturn, we thought it would be a good opportunity to use this downturn to negotiate with the landlords and also to bring a niche market into the Singapore and Malaysia markets."

Recently, Singapore finalised the biggest watch heist in the area's history, sentencing Jerry Ee, who stole over 230 new watches, to nine years' jail last month.


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