Watch repair technicians 'need perfect silence'

First published: 10-09-2009

The work of a watch repairer is craftsmanship to be respected, according to an expert.

Ori Tzvielli, representing Watch Collection's online repair store in Los Angeles, explained that watches require a huge amount of concentration to deal with the inner workings of such intricately-designed timepieces.

He asserted: "Most of the horologists want peace around their workplaces; therefore they prefer a solitary place to work.

"After taking in the chair, they take a look at that day's assignment. Then they set the deadline to finish their project."

Mr Tzvielli noted that a lot of time is taken up in the simple planning stages, before the watch is dismantled and truly dealt with, in order to avoid compromising anything else.

Watch technicians should not be simply seen as robots either, according to the expert, who emphasised how they should be treated as "artists with technical brains".

At the beginning of this month, the world's largest watch and clock fair opened in Hong Kong for the 28th successive year.


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