Watch lovers urged to check out the MeisterSinger Singular

First published: 14-06-2011

People who want to show off a watch that is unlike any other on the market should be sure to check out a new offering from MeisterSinger.

That is because the MeisterSinger Singular has done away with the seconds hand and has instead chosen to focus on reading the hour on a clear dial.

A total of twelve hour markers are decorated across the dial in numerals in a traditional format, with a single hand picking up the current time. Minutes are then detailed in 30-minute blocks within a subdial at 12 o'clock.

Enhancing the unique style further is the fact that the MeisterSinger Singular does not feature a bezel, so the dial can be stretched to the tip of its 43 mm case.

Some other attractive features of this timepiece include the fact that the dial is decorated with a grey, sunburst tone, while a shiny steel case offers a stylish finish.

Recently, the MeisterSinger Singular was awarded a rating of 63 out of 100 by Watch Observer, which described as "truly different and soothing".


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