Watch launched for Jackie Chan auction

First published: 09-08-2011

A leading timepiece designer has launched a new watch to be sold at the Jackie Chan auction set to take place on September 14th in Beijing in aid of children in remote areas.

Richard Mile has unveiled its RM 055 JC tourbillon, an exquisite watch created in white gold.

The piece was a joint collaboration between the designer, artistic director to the brand, Melanie Treton-Monceyrn, and martial arts expert, Jackie Chan.

Through his charity, the Dragon's Heart Foundation, Richard Mile decided to commission the piece for this auction because Chan is a good friend of Mile's, who thinks the cause is highly worthwhile.

On the rear of the watch there is an engraving which reads Foundation Jackie Chan, while the centre is stamped with Chan's personal emblem, a dragon.

The logo is red, blue and green, and is placed at the heart of the movement where a depiction of Chan holds the hands of two children.

Meanwhile, the dragon's heart lettering on the dial is in both Chinese and English, making a symbolic fusion between the two cultures.

It's an intricate design bound to raise much needed funds for this cause.


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