Watch fans to push clocks two hours forward

First published: 22-02-2011

Watch wearers could be set to move their tickers forward two hours when British Summer Time starts next month.

That is because a new tourism strategy, entitled the 'Lighter Later' campaign, looks to make daylight last longer into the evening and has already received the backing of prime minister David Cameron.

Tourism chiefs across England have also backed the call to introduce British Summer Time +1, as they believe that the number of overseas visitors would rise with more sunlight.

Speaking to the Sunday Telegraph, Conservative MP Rebecca Harris commented: "The tourism industry has been crying out for extra daylight saving for years. It could extend the tourist season and boost the economy by up to £3.5 billion a year."

However, there has also been resistance against the introduction of more daylight in a summer's night, including with Alison Gillespie, Orkney and Shetland regional manager for the National Farmers Union Scotland.

She pointed out that in places like Orkney and Shetland, there would be limited light for fashion watch fans until around 09:00 BST, which could potentially make the school run more dangerous.


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