Watch business experiencing 'unusual growth'

First published: 10-11-2010

Watches seem to be the perfect gift this Christmas after it has been reported that sales of these products are witnessing significant growth.

This is according to June Rhee, the fashion watch buyer for the Macy's department store chain, who pointed out that this traditional device is becoming popular once more, despite other products, such as mobile phones, now being able to function in a similar way.

She explained: "The overall watch business and the watch industry have been experiencing an unusual growth this year ... it's explosive, and people who've been in the industry for 20, 30 years have never seen numbers like this."

Her comments came after consumer analyst Mintel revealed in its research that 25 per cent of young adults look for a designer brand's name when searching for a new timepiece, suggesting that watches are becoming a key fashion accessory as well.

Comments from Arrya Brown, a 17-year-old shopper from Washington DC, also point towards this belief, after she said that teenagers usually look for a timepiece which is bulky and available in bright, eye-catching colours, such as pink, orange and blue.


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