Watch Shop - Marking the big 5-0 Gift ideas for a 50th birthday

First published: 15-01-2016

Gift Wrapped Present

50 is the new 40; it's an occasion to be celebrated in style. Whether the 50-year-old-to-be wants to have a huge party or a quiet evening in with family, one thing is certain: it's the famous half-century and has to be crowned with a fitting gift.

What should you get the person who's hitting the big 5-0? To help you along the path to gift-buying success, we've compiled a few suggestions that tap into interests and hobbies of all shapes and sizes.

For the outdoorsy one

We mentioned that 50 is the new 40, right? If the person you're buying for loves nothing more than a walk in the countryside or an early-morning jog, then this is certainly something to bear in mind when it comes to gift buying.

A gift for their favourite hobby

If they have a pastime that they love, whether it's golf, walking, or something else entirely, it's always an advantage to buy a present that you know will see lots of use.

Personalised gifts always go down well, such as tees or golf balls inscribed with their name, or even a piece of memorabilia, such as a signed photo of their favourite footballer, set in a vintage frame.

Taking up a new pastime

It may sound clichéd, but 50 is an age where many people decide to take up something new, even something as simple as deciding on a new fitness regime and keeping active.

The best plan of action here is to buy a gift that can be used across multiple activities. Thermal sports clothing like skins will allow them to keep up their exercise routine even when the weather is a little chilly, while a high visibility jacket is great for both running and cycling.

You could also opt for a sports watch, which will help them not just keep track of time, but also the amount of steps they've done and how many calories have been burned.

Garmin Vivosmart Activity Tracker

This timepiece from Garmin accomplishes just that, while its design is intended to be minimalist and light to wear on the wrist. This way, they'll have all the features they need at their fingertips, to allow them to keep track of their goals even when on the move.

For the working one

Many 50-year-olds are in the situation where they're comfortable in their jobs, having worked their way up the career ladder for a number of years. Opting for a gift that'll fit snuggly into their working life will certainly come in handy, being useful in every day they spend on the job.

A gift fit for the office

If you're buying for someone who's based at a desk for most of the day, you could opt for a quality pen from a renowned maker. A mug would also go down well, or even a set of cufflinks. Whatever you decide to go for, consider having it inscribed with a message for an extra personal touch.

A present for any workplace

There are certain presents out there which transcend a variety of jobs, no matter whether the person you're buying for is out and about a lot or sat behind a computer.

We'd recommend a satchel or laptop bag perhaps, as everyone needs to carry items to and from the workplace every day, even if it's just a packed lunch! Also, a carrying case can double up as a usable item for weekends, too, as a handy accessory for when they're out and about.

Red Wine

For the relaxing one

What gift should you get for someone who loves nothing more than a relaxed evening catching up on their favourite TV programmes or going out for dinner?

Complementing an evening in

Any gift that complements a good evening in is going to go down well here. You could give them a luxury hamper full of goodies to indulge in, or even a cheeseboard and a bottle of their favourite wine.

Accompanying them on a night out

Buying a present for a 50-year-old who loves to head out to a restaurant for some good grub presents a different challenge. While opting for a foodie gift is always a good option, you could also buy them an item of clothing or jewellery to wear when they're out.

Gold Knot Earrings

If they're into their jewellery then we'd recommend a pair of studs, such as these 9CT gold knot earrings. They're beautiful enough to wear to a fancy restaurant, while they're not too outlandish to be wearable through the day as well. This means that the recipient should be able to wear them regularly, so they won't be constantly sat in a drawer between nights out.

When it comes to buying a gift for a soon-to-be 50-year-old, there are many ideas to choose from. One thing is a constant: take into account their interests new and old, and you're definitely on the right track!


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