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First published: 17-12-2014

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Although we seem to begin planning Christmas earlier and earlier each year (in August now according to a recent report), we still never seem to have the time to complete the mammoth festive checklist. With family events to arrange and attend, shopping and putting up the tree and trimmings, it's easy to find your diary oversubscribed.

Before you know it, the Christmas party season is upon us and the office party you agreed to way back when you returned from your summer holiday is suddenly here - but what to wear? You may well have several occasions to attend, some of which will require a different look to the next. We've put together some winter party season looks to ensure you look more of a Christmas cracker than a festive turkey. Yes, Frank Sinatra may be right - the weather outside is indeed frightful, but stick with us and you'll look simply delightful!

Christmas looks for her

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Christmas is a great excuse to flex the plastic and invest in a new wardrobe - and why not? It's the season of giving and there's nothing wrong with treating yourself every now and then. There's a number of different looks you can experiment with exclusively during party season - here are our suggestions for the lady who wants to stand out from the crowd this Christmas time.

Little black dress

The LBD has long been a fashion staple for women and for good reason. It's a versatile wardrobe essential that can be tweaked to suit a multitude of occasions, and the winter party season is no exception. Once you find that killer LBD that flatters your shape, some oversized sparkly earrings in either silver, red or green can complete your look and give it that festive feel.

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An elegant silver watch also goes well with a LBD - the above gift set from Sekonda comes with a stylish watch and matching bracelet, necklace and earrings. The best thing about buying a new LBD is that it's a guilt free purchase - it can be dusted off and worn to another event throughout the following year.

The embroidered look

An embroidered dress can add a touch of sophistication to your wardrobe, while they also look especially stunning in seasonal colours. Channel the winter wonderland look and feel by opting for an embroidered dress that incorporates silver, white, blue and even black. Complete the look with a faux fur coat or even a matching shawl and you'll keep nice and warm when you venture outside into the elements.

Go metallic

The metallic look has been popular throughout 2014 and it's a style that moves into the party season with ease. Along with a variety of slinky dresses in a various shades, such as black, grey and silver, there are some great metallic trousers which can look the part paired with a matching off the shoulder top. Why not pair a sleek, patterned metallic skirt with a daring sheer black blouse? Sparkly bangles or an ornate necklace will perfectly complement this look too.

Knock them dead in red

If you suit red then there's no better time to rock this colour than Christmas. That said, you need to get it right to avoid looking like one of Santa's little helpers. A long wrap dress in deep red can help you achieve a sexy yet understated look that still oozes sheer class. Satin is another material which can look stunning in red and is perfectly finished off with a long, black, winter coat.


Christmas looks for him

One of the benefits of being a bloke is that you can update your winter party wardrobe with just a few items and pair them with existing clothing, saving you precious present and beer funds. Not only that, but if you're savvy enough, you can pick out pieces that can be used long after the last of the turkey sandwiches have been demolished.

Go bold like Bond

If you've been invited to a black tie event over the weeks running up to Christmas, then you can either dust off your regular tux or be bold and tweak the look to suit the season. A black tuxedo can look great with a dark grey or silver tie and will enable you to stand out from the crowd - just make sure the dress code offers up the flexibility to deviate from grey, otherwise you'll end up looking more Bean than Bond. Complete the look with a sleek silver watch and a pair of black brogues - this chronograph watch from Accurist is perfect, and even comes in a gift box containing a pen and matching cuff links which will go perfectly with your tux.

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Festive smart casual

So what is festive smart casual? Well, we just made it up to be perfectly honest, but in a nutshell, it's your standard jeans or trousers paired with a shirt in a festive colour, such as dark red, green or silver. Which colour you choose depends on your own personal taste, but this is a versatile look that you can take to a party or round at your Gran's house on Boxing Day.

Christmas jumper

Christmas jumpers really are the Marmite of the winter clothing rail - you either love them or absolutely hate them. Whether you're heading on a team day out to the Christmas markets or a themed party, you may not be able to avoid them and could end up branded a Scrooge if you don't partake! You can pick up a traditional festive sweater on the high street for under ten pounds, or you can go retro and wear one featuring your favourite 80s cartoon or film characters. Look online and you'll find versions featuring the likes of He-Man and even Gizmo from Gremlins!


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